Clumsy Customer

“Hey there. I just wanted to thank your company for the high quality products you manufacture. For some reason this week I’ve dropped my Samsung galaxy s3 3 times. Tonight it was twice and once it actually slid under a car in a parking lot. The 2 things that amazed me were one, my phone looks fine. And two the case looks perfect! There isn’t a mark on it. And


Rollercoaster in amusement park

Flew Out of a Roller Coaster

“I have had the GS3 case since September of 2012 and loved it! Sturdy, good looking and more than once saved my phone from imminent peril. I mean the phone flew out of my pocket while I was on a Roller Coaster (Cedar Point) and it was fine. Albeit the case was severely beaten up and the screen protector was trashed. The phone did end up in a grassy portion



20 Foot Drop

I have the UAG Samsung Galaxy III case. I wanted to thank you for a great design. Last weekend we were in Puerto Penasco, Mexico and I dropped my phone OFF THE UPSTAIRS BALCONY of a restaurant (at least 20 ft) onto the Concrete sidewalk…And it landed like a cat (on its ‘feet’ / case backing) and no damage to phone or case. YEA.  thanks again 🙂 ~ Adam Dishong

Run Over

“True story. I lost my phone in a parking lot today. It got ran over by a car. I used my phone tracking my tracking app to track it, and I found it. Thanks to my UAG case and screen protector, there wasn’t even a scratch on it. ” ~ Ahrue Luster



“Just wanted to say thanks for making such a tough product! You case recently saved my phone from a fire! I had the unfortunate experience while camping. A buddy saved it after being in the fire for about 20 seconds. Phone is fine, case it a little melted. Check out the pics” ~ Dustin Oldroyd

Stepped On

“I just want to say I love my UAG case for my Galaxy S3!!I just purchased my case and it already has been put to use. Just two days ago I was heading out my front door and my hands were full. I dropped my phone and then stepped on it. I just knew my screen was cracked. When I picked up my phone I was so shocked to see



Motorcycle Drop

“I’ve had the black and white since it came out on Amazon. I dropped it off my motorcycle going about 30 mph and all it did was scratch the corner or the case. My phone was still intact and no scratches anywhere and I don’t use a screen protector either.” ~techgove8


Phone Drop on Tarmac

“I ordered the case about five days before my upgrade day and was pleased when it arrived in the mail on the day I was going to get my phone and took the case with me to the store so I could walk out of the store with my new S3 protected. Two whole days later at work, I was performing maintenance on top of a UH-60 Black Hawk and