Why iPhone 4 Hard Cases are Better

One of the features that makes the iPhone 4 so popular is its compact, sleek appearance. Adding bulk to the device defeats the purpose of its streamline designed. For this reason, many are hesitant about buying iPhone 4 hard cases. The iPhone 4 was already the largest of its series at the time of its launch, which seems to be another argument against adding a case. While it may seem



Tips for iPad Mini Users

Apple’s iPad Mini has the advantage over its bigger counterpart of being simple and relatively easy to use. While it’s great to just pick up and go, you can “pop the hood” and optimize a surprising array of features to get the most out of your tablet. Here are some of the more popular tips and tricks you can apply to make your iPad experience better and help make your



Does your iPhone Protection Plan Really Protect You?

Protection plans for consumer electronics are a hotly debated topic. As one of the more prized and expensive electronic gadgets, iPhones get a lot of attention regarding their protection plans, with advocates from both sides having fairly strong opinions. On the one hand, you have consumer advocacy groups who say an iPhone protection plan is overpriced, and on the other, there are satisfied customers who can’t stop going on about



See the Best Cases for iPhone 4

Let’s be honest here: the best cases for iPhone 4 depend on each person’s activity and lifestyle. If you spend most of your time in an office or school, never venturing into the urban jungle or great outdoors, then a cute silicone cover will do just nicely. But if you crave adventure and want to take your iPhone along with you to share the most extreme moments with your loved