7 Advantages of Owning a Samsung Note 2 | Note 2 Case

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 is an excellent phone, and really an excellent Android device in general. There’s a good reason why the company has sold over 3 million Note 2’s in just over a month. The phone features a particularly large screen on which to view media (and of course many users are opting for a Note 2 case to protect their phone). Another major feature of the phone is its included stylus. Below are some of the advantages of owning a Galaxy Note 2.

1. You Can Easily Take Notes

Thanks to the Note 2’s included stylus, it is easy to jot down quick notes with the phone’s useful apps, such as with S Note. Give yourself quick reminders, or send notes to friends and family. You can also draw pictures if you’re bored.

2. A Great Browsing Experience

With the Note 2’s large screen, browsing the Internet is easy to do. Google’s Chrome browser works well on the phone, which allows you to sync your preferences and bookmarks across devices. A Note 2 case with a protective cover will keep your screen clean and clear for optimal browsing.

3. Video Games

With the Galaxy Note 2’s huge screen, playing video games is a blast. The phone has a powerful processor so you can play plenty of games with no problem.

4. Reading eBooks

Many people prefer reading ebooks on tablet devices, but the Note 2 does make an exception. The phone’s screen is large enough that it almost exists in its own category between smartphone and tablet. eBooks look great on the Note 2’s screen.

5. Work Companion

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 makes a perfect companion for those on the job. Besides the phone’s note-taking feature, there are plenty of other exciting apps that can be applied to the professional world. For instance, apps like AutoCAD WS and ForceEffect allow engineers to review drawings and calculate forces on structures, right on site. A good Note 2 case helps to protect the phone on the job as well.

6. Movies

This is an obvious one. With the Note 2’s oversized screen, watching movies on the device is a joy. The brilliant display and excellent audio makes for a superb cinematic experience. Plus a large battery ensures plenty of viewing time.

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7. Easy Scheduling

With the Note 2’s built in feature Air View, you can browse your calendar, hover over week and month views, and have the information from your appointments pop up right away. This is great for quick and easy scheduling, especially if you are constantly finding yourself booked.

As you can see, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is full of great features thanks to its large screen and included stylus. It is no wonder the phone is selling so well. If you own one of these devices, you should think about getting a Note 2 case if you haven’t already. The large screen makes the phone vulnerable to drops and impacts, and it is a good idea to ensure that it is protected. Shop for a Note 2 case today.

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