A “Car” Alarm for Your iPhone | Designer iPhone 4 Cases

iPhone 5 users can now add car alarm to the list of features available for download on the site, reports Venture Beat.

Halo, a new iPhone 5 security accessory, recently kicked off its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The security gadget has a loud alarm, devised to prevent robberies of both the sly and not-so-crafty nature. The device also includes a few other nifty elements, including an extended battery life and a sound boost through its speakers.

While the gadget adds some bulk onto the otherwise thin design of the iPhone 5, the added thickness may be well worth the sacrifice of not having your phone stolen.

Tiny torque screws are used to clamp the Halo device to your iPhone 5, making it difficult for thieves to remove. The gadget also has a ring portion, a.k.a. the Halo Ring, to hold when using your phone. If a swift-moving criminal tries to grab your iPhone and run, the Ring snaps off and the ear-piercing alarms shrieks in full effect. The Ring also features a proximity sensor, which can be used to trigger the alarm if it becomes separated from your iPhone after certain distances.

After the alarm begins blaring, the Halo app also automatically kicks into video mode, to identify the thief and send text messages with GPS coordinates of your phone. That’s not all─ there’s also an emergency button that can be used to set off all security features if you find yourself caught in an unsafe situation. You can even use the Halo companion app to program unique gestures to disable the alarm quickly when it goes off unintentionally.

A slimmer model of Halo may be available in the future.

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