Accessories for iPhone 4s

Apple’s iPhone 4s is no longer the newest cell phone on the block, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a touch of newness to the phone by outfitting it with some cool, affordable accessories. There are several types of accessories for iPhone 4s that can give it a facelift or increase its usability. If your cell phone contract won’t let you upgrade to an iPhone 5 model for a discounted price yet, try upgrading your iPhone 4s with any of the following awesome accessories.

Cell Phone Case

Slipping your smartphone into a new case is a great way to change up its appearance. There are literally hundreds of cases to choose from, but cases from Urban Armor Gear provide the ultimate mix of aesthetics and utility. Made from a tough composite material that features molded finger grips and rubber bumpers, our cases come in vibrant colors and four different styles: Aero, Aviator, Outland, Scout and Valkyrie. Choose the one that suits your sense of style!


If the earbuds that came with your iPhone 4s are looking worse for the wear, you can replace them with a cool set of earphones that deliver better sound quality than the earbuds. Available at Amazon.com and a variety of other fine retailers, these earphones are the perfect accessories for iPhone 4s for those who use their smartphone as an iPod. A new set of high-performance earphones is also great for using your smartphone to tune into various forms of visual media.

Holders and Stands

Speaking of using your phone to watch visual media, holders and stands that prop the device up in the perfect viewing position let you have a hands-free viewing experience. Better yet, most holders and stands for the iPhone 4s can be purchased cheaply from cell phone accessory websites. Some stands simply suction cup onto the back of the phone, while others secure it in position with a special holder that connects to a mount that can be secured to a dashboard.

smartphone with social or business networkCamera Lenses

Upgrade your smartphone’s camera capabilities by investing in lenses that improve picture quality. Typically retailing for $50 or less, camera accessories for iPhone 4s range from small lenses that fit directly onto the phone to tripod camera sets that hold your phone in position while a powerful lens is attached over the camera lens. If you like to use your smartphone as a digital camera, these add-on camera lenses are great options for improving your phone’s functionality.

Start Accessorizing

From cell phone cases to camera lense attachments, there tons of great accessories for iPhone 4s. If your phone doesn’t have a protective case, the first accessory you should buy is a case that protects its body and helps preserve its functions. After you have a case, why not get some new headphones, a cell phone holder, or a camera lense? Until you upgrade to a new phone, investing in accessories for iPhone 4s is a great way to make the device seem new again.

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