Apple Expands its iPhone Repair Program | Unique iPhone 4 Cases

No one wants to break their iPhone, but unfortunately things happen. For most iPhone owners, their device is their lifeline, so when it breaks, they need a repair─ and fast.

Apple’s iPhone repair program, AppleCare+, currently handles repair and replacement coverage for damaged iPhones, and it may soon be headed for an expansion.

A recent Time Magazine story noted a 9to5Mac report of rumored plans for an increase in AppleCare+. Currently Apple’s in-store repair options are limited to screen fixes, but this may soon change.

9to5Mac reports new replaceable parts rumored to be headed to the list of available in-store repairs, including volume buttons, the vibration engine, the rear-camera, the speaker system, and the Home buttons.

These repairs are all free if you’re covered under the AppleCare+ plan, which is complimentary for the first 90 days of ownership, and $99 thereafter.

However, repairs can be pretty pricey if you’re not covered under the AppleCare+ plan. For example, a new battery typically runs around $79 and $29 for a Home button, according to 9to5Mac.

These new in-store repairs may hit stores pretty soon. 9to5Mac reports that machines needed to make the repairs are headed to Apple stores now.

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