Apple iPhone 5s Review | iPhone 5 Cases

The Apple iPhone 5s hasn’t been on the market long, but the popular forward thinking phone is bringing tomorrow’s features to consumers today, and lots of them.

New Features

With an upgraded operating system, a new A7 processor supported by 64 bits, an improved camera, and its most futuristic embellishment–a fingerprint identity sensor–the iPhone 5s may be, as Apple proudly proclaims on its web site, ahead of its time.

Consumers seem to agree. Many tech reviewers and economists have designated it as the most popular of new smart phones available on the market.

The revamped design, most of which is not apparent from the outside but rather occurs within the phone’s features, appears to be a hit. Since the shape and size are similar to the previous year’s model, iPhone 5 cases work with the new 5s to protect its new functions. Among fan favorites is the camera.

In addition to a camera situated in the front called FaceTime HD, the phone also offers a back-facing camera call iSight. Many consumers also seem to love the new Bluetooth 4.0 and its navigational systems GPS and GLONASS.

New Look

For the most part, the phone looks similar to its predecessors. The same shape, size and weight as last year’s model, the iPhone 5s isn’t exactly an overhaul in design. Most of the re-design has taken place where it counts— within. But while function has been enhanced greatly, the appearance has adjusted more subtly, as Apple has given the phone’s color scheme new metallic tones. They aren’t only meant to improve looks, however; they also function to deal with damage better.

While the new metallic colors are meant to better withstand general wear and tear, it’s still recommended to invest in sturdy iPhone 5 cases to protect your phone against falls and other more substantial damage.

New Accessories

Along with the new features, a slew of new accessories are also available. iPhone 5 cases now come in an infinite range of styles to reflect the user’s personality. While all are designed to guard the iPhone 5 and 5s from damage, some are more decorative than functional, and not all are created equal.

They range from flimsy to formidable, decorative to protective. When it comes to iPhone 5 cases, Urban Armor Gear’s line is the best available. Marrying style with function, Urban Armor Gear cases look cool and offer premium protection against the smartphone’s greatest threats— namely its owner, gravity and the ground.

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