Apple’s New Face Recognition Feature | Cases for iPhone 4

Apple has filed yet another patent to add to its repertoire, this time for a specific type of facial recognition technology that allows users to unlock their phones with their face, among other things. This comes at the heels of another similar patent Apple filed two years ago regarding face recognition technology. There is no telling when the technology will see market, or if it even will be implemented. There is speculation that it will be included with the iPhone 6. But what about previous iPhone versions? Since this technology uses a camera to implement, it is entirely possible that the iPhone 4 and 5 will support the technology with an update. The iPhone 4 camera already uses an early version of the technology for its camera application, which helps with focusing and lighting functions. Whatever happens, Urban Armor Gear offers cases for iPhone 4 which give unobstructed access to the camera for all of your facial recognition needs.

Face Recognition Technology

Before face recognition, Apple touted the Touch ID fingerprint sensor in the iPhone, which gives users an extra security option in which they can unlock their phones with their fingers. Facial recognition is much quicker, however, and you don’t have to worry about having a dry, exposed fingertip to swipe with. The Xbox One and Playstation 4 use facial recognition with their cameras for quick and easy logins, and two years ago when Apple filed its first face recognition patent, certain Android phones were introducing the feature as well. So that seems to be the direction device makers are moving.

The newest iteration of the technology will not only allow users to unlock their phone with their face, but will allow them to take advantage of other features as well. For example, email access could be blocked to unauthorized users. Apple’s U.S. Patent 8,600,120 will consist of face detection for distinguishing faces from surroundings, face recognition for identifying individual faces, and an input/output application that allows device interaction with face data.

Cases for iPhone 4

This face recognition technology is typically integrated within the software of a digital camera. Time will tell if these new features will be retroactively available on earlier iPhone models, but since the old models have cameras, it is possible for the technology to be implemented if necessary. Looking for cases for iPhone 4? Make sure you choose a case that doesn’t obscure the camera so you can use your face recognition software with ease.

Urban Armor Gear offers stylish cases for iPhone 4 which provide maximum protection with their innovative hard shell/rubber core design. Our cases for iPhone 4 provide full access to both rear and front cameras, offering unobstructed control when you are using your face recognition software. Shop our collection today and order the cover that is perfect for you.

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