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Many iPhone owners see their phone cases as an expression of their own individuality. For the truly sensitive iPhone owners, nothing less than a unique artistic statement will suffice for an iPhone 4 case design. Luckily, there are nearly as many different types of artistic iPhone 4 cases as there are iPhone 4 owners. Let’s take a look at a wood iPhone 4 case design idea in particular.

Why Wood?

Normally when you think of an iPhone 4 case, you don’t immediately think of wood. But that is exactly why savvy iPhone 4 users seek out wood cases! You don’t see them very often. Plus, wood just looks great on an iPhone. It adds a layer of individuality and sophistication as soon as you snap one on.

Wood provides a warm, earthy feel to your phone, and there are many different patterns, styles, textures, and shades of wood to choose from. Walnut, oak, bamboo, maple, rosewood, and other types of wood are available for cover designs, so you can get that tone and texture that speaks to you.

If a simple wood surface isn’t enough, many retailers offer a wide assortment of artistic engravings to adorn the back of your wood iPhone 4 case. In addition to choosing textures, patterns, and colors of wood cases, you can further individualize your case with one of many different kinds of illustrations and patterns, all etched into your case. Such a unique case will certainly strike up countless conversations.

Protect Your Phone

Wood is also pretty durable, and a well-finished wood iPhone 4 case should be capable of taking an impact or two. Plus, many of the higher quality wood cases have rubber or felt inserts to provide extra protection for your phone. Placing any kind of case on your iPhone is highly recommended. It can be all too easy to lose grip on your phone, and it only takes one big impact to crack your screen or worse.

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One of the many functions of art is to reduce complex phenomena into simpler, communicable sensations. That said, Urban Armor Gear iPhone 4 designs appeal to the adventurous artist: our simple yet durable designs are perfect for the artist on the go. While a wood iPhone 4 case may be stylish relatively durable, it does not have the shock absorbency needed to withstand the impact experienced by our phones in our active daily lives.

At Urban Armor Gear, our stylish phone covers allow you to experience the world with your iPhone 4 safely at your side. Our covers are MIL-SPEC 810-516.6 certified, meaning that they have been tested for absorbing military-grade shock. With a soft inner core, a hard outer shell, and impact-resistant bumpers, your phone both stays safe and looks great. Shop our phone cover gallery today.

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