A “Car” Alarm for Your iPhone | Designer iPhone 4 Cases

iPhone 5 users can now add car alarm to the list of features available for download on the site, reports Venture Beat. Halo, a new iPhone 5 security accessory, recently kicked off its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The security gadget has a loud alarm, devised to prevent robberies of both the sly and not-so-crafty nature. The device also includes a few other nifty elements, including an extended battery life and


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Apple’s New Face Recognition Feature | Cases for iPhone 4

Apple has filed yet another patent to add to its repertoire, this time for a specific type of facial recognition technology that allows users to unlock their phones with their face, among other things. This comes at the heels of another similar patent Apple filed two years ago regarding face recognition technology. There is no telling when the technology will see market, or if it even will be implemented. There


The 2013 Americas Cup

The 2013 America’s Cup Regatta’s Tech Makeover

At first, it seemed that Oracle Team USA was set to kiss its second consecutive “Auld Mug” goodbye. The team kicked off the regatta with a penalty due to their illegal modification of a practice boat last year, although they already won three races. They also had the herculean task of overcoming an 8-1 deficit against the formidable Emirates Team New Zealand—not unlike an iPad mini case that has to


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Tech Firms Fight Patent Trolls

Patents are among the reasons it’s difficult to break into industries such as pharmaceuticals and technology. Without patents, anyone can claim to be the inventor of, say, an iPhone 4 case that’s actually the product of someone else’s blood, sweat and tears. Lately, however, patent trolls have managed to shake things up a bit. From targeting high-profile companies such as Research In Motion Limited (now known as Blackberry Limited) in


Winners of Red Bull_1

The Winners of Red Bull’s Extreme Sports Photo Contest

The winners of Red Bull’s 3rd Illume Image Quest photography competition have just been announced. This competition is a tribute to the beauty and grace of extreme sports, with photographers capturing the most spectacular moments of participants. Below are the top ten pieces chosen by judges from a pool of 28,000 pictures submitted by 6,417 photographers from 124 countries. 1. Overall Winner: Snowboarder on Satellite Dish This spectacular photograph by


Tech Meets Automobile

Tech Meets Automobile

Like most Americans, you probably spend at least an hour a day doing this. You don’t want to think about it. You don’t enjoy it, but rather endure it. And you’re looking for a little ray of sunshine that will make it just a little more tolerable. No, we’re not referring to your cell phone habit or your numerous cell phone accessories. We’re talking, of course, about the American commute


Phoneblok is the Future

Phoneblok Exposes the Future of Tech

Imagine a smart phone that didn’t have to be upgraded when your plan or company dictated. A smart phone that will remain functional for years to come without being discarded. One that will handle iPhone 4s case requirements and beyond. You don’t have to imagine. That’s the premise behind PhoneBlok, a new concept in smart phone upgrades that relies on a modular, integrated concept that allows users to swap and



iPhone Cases for Girls | Cute iPhone 4 Cases

Who says “feminine” and “tech lover” don’t go together? Certainly not the Urban Armor Gear team. In fact, we have cute iPhone 4 cases that chic, strong women will love! Our iPhone Cases for Girls Don’t let their appearance fool you. Our cute iPhone 4 cases provide the most robust protection you can ever get for your device, not to mention a host of other features. Patented Composite Design. The



Stay Tuned for Amazon Smartphones | iPhone 3GS cases

You’re not likely to see the rumored Amazon smartphones this year, but they’re still a worthy addition to any techie’s watch list. The e-commerce giant, which has been a trusted platform over the years for buyers and sellers of products like iPhone 3GS cases, has been generating buzz over their Projects A, B, C and D, collectively known as the Alphabet Projects. So far, Amazon has refused to disclose any



Will Ads Ruin Instagram? | Best iPhone Cases

Selfies lined with ads on beauty products, anyone? Just kidding. There’s more to the uproar over Instagram’s latest move than that, of course. (In case you didn’t know, the popular photo and video-sharing service is planning to roll out ads on users’ feeds in the coming months.) Instagram’s Statement For one, their official statement, “Our aim is to make any advertisements you see feel as natural to Instagram as the