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Samsung Galaxy: S4 vs. S3

March 17, 2014  /  Urban Armor Gear  /  Comments (0)

If you use the Samsung Galaxy S3, you may contemplating upgrading to the Galaxy S4. The S3 and the S4 have a lot in common, but there are also some big differences between these smartphones. To see whether the S4 offers features that would make it worth your money… Read More

The iPhone 4s: Still Worth It?

March 3, 2014  /  Urban Armor Gear  /  Comments (0)

About once a year, Apple ceremoniously rolls out a new iPhone that has different looks and features than the previous model. Like Corvette fanatics who purchase a new Corvette every time one hits the dealer’s lot whether their current car has lost its novelty or… Read More


Apple iPhone 5s Review | iPhone 5 Cases

December 20, 2013  /  Urban Armor Gear  /  Comments (0)

The Apple iPhone 5s hasn’t been on the market long, but the popular forward thinking phone is bringing tomorrow’s features to consumers today, and lots of them. New Features With an upgraded operating system, a new A7 processor supported by 64 bits, an … Read More