HTC One Case for the Active Techie: Urban Armor Gear

Upon the release of the HTC One, some declared that it was the greatest smartphone ever. With its lightweight feel, enhanced multimedia capabilities and sleek design, it’s easy to see how these sentiments came to be. If this is the phone of your choosing, then you should definitely consider complementing it with an Urban Armor Gear HTC One case. Designed to reflect the independent spirit of our company, this case



On the Go with Urban Armor Gear’s Samsung Galaxy SIII Case

When you’re living an active lifestyle that requires you to stay focused and on-the-go at all hours, you don’t have the time to worry about how safe your cell phone is from becoming damaged.  That’s why we here at Urban Armor Gear have created a Samsung Galaxy SIII case that is both durable and fashionable, so you can get to living life exactly how you want to without concern. Protect Your



Best Samsung Galaxy Note II Case: Urban Armor Gear

With the release of the Galaxy Note II, Samsung reinvigorated the world of mobile devices by combining the cell phone and tablet experience into one. With its easy-to-use stylus pen and a myriad of other features, this device is one of the best around. When you invest in a phone of this caliber, it’s important to make sure that it is well protected, no matter how active and mobile your



Apple Expands its iPhone Repair Program | Unique iPhone 4 Cases

No one wants to break their iPhone, but unfortunately things happen. For most iPhone owners, their device is their lifeline, so when it breaks, they need a repair─ and fast. Apple’s iPhone repair program, AppleCare+, currently handles repair and replacement coverage for damaged iPhones, and it may soon be headed for an expansion. A recent Time Magazine story noted a 9to5Mac report of rumored plans for an increase in AppleCare+.


What to Look For in an iPhone5 Case

If you’re shopping for a new iPhone5 case, you’ll quickly find that there is an endless variety of cases available on the market to choose from. There are silicone cases of all sorts of colors, hard cases, charging cases, stylish designer cases, and more. How do you choose the case that is right for your iPhone 5? Do you go with a case that makes your phone look great, or


iphone 5 - cases for iphone 5

Urban Armor Gear Cases for iPhone 5

Looking to protect the iPhone 5 you just got? Or is your old case not cutting it and you are looking for an upgrade? Never mind trying to decide on a designer case. Those silicone and hard cases might look nice, but more often than not you pay good money for a case that either falls apart or doesn’t properly protect your phone when the moment of truth comes, and


Phoneblok is the Future

Phoneblok Exposes the Future of Tech

Imagine a smart phone that didn’t have to be upgraded when your plan or company dictated. A smart phone that will remain functional for years to come without being discarded. One that will handle iPhone 4s case requirements and beyond. You don’t have to imagine. That’s the premise behind PhoneBlok, a new concept in smart phone upgrades that relies on a modular, integrated concept that allows users to swap and


Low Tech Advantage

The Low-Tech Advantage

Low-tech products may not be fancy or figure on the cutting edge of the tech market, but they offer several advantages that their higher-tech brethren might lack. Low-tech products are often affordable due to their simplicity and barebones features, and there are less moving parts to worry about breaking down. Since low-tech products have simpler designs, they are easier to figure out and usually work like they’re supposed to without


Legalities of Cell Phone Unlocking

The Legalities of Cell Phone Unlocking

When you buy a cell phone, it’s yours to do with as you please, right? If you open a contract with a service carrier, you just have to finish the contract and you can take the phone where you wish? Well, not according to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which as of now prohibits “phone unlocking.” However, that is set to change with a new petition that is being furthered