Choose Urban Armor Gear over Designer iPhone 5 Cases

Just bought an iPhone 5 for yourself? Or have you gotten one as a gift? You should consider getting a phone cover as soon as possible. Phone covers protect your phone from daily wear and tear, preventing the abrasions and scratches that can accumulate over time as yours tumbles around. Plus, all it takes is one big fall for your screen to break or worse. A phone cover is the best way to protect your investment and ensure that your phone remains in pristine condition. Plus, phone covers look great! A well-designed phone cover will make your phone look even better than it did coming out of the box. So where to start looking for one? Want a simple and cheap silicone or hard case? Better skip those. They don’t offer the best protection. What about designer iPhone 5 cases?

Who Needs a Designer Case?

If you want a great-looking case for your iPhone 5, you’re probably excited about looking through designer iPhone 5 cases so you can pick out the best design that expresses your personality or your aesthetic tastes. Many designer cases aren’t meant to fully protect your phone, however; you either get flimsy silicone cases which protect from mild impacts, or thin hard cases which don’t properly absorb force, or your phone just pops right out of the case on impact and bounces along the asphalt anyways. It has happened to all of us at least once. Designer cases often look great, but do you really want to spend top dollar on a designer case only to drop your phone and have it get scratched up or crack despite the case?

Style and Functionality

Urban Armor Gear doesn’t specialize in designer iPhone 5 cases; we craft cases that are engineered to give your phone the best possible protection while looking great doing so. Our iPhone 5 cases aren’t boring or plain-looking by any means. Our functional designs feature a contemporary rugged aesthetic, and with the multiple colors we offer, you’re sure to find the case that speaks to you.

In contrast to many iPhone 5 cases on the market, our cases are designed to protect your iPhone not just from normal wear and tear, but harsh impacts too. Our case features an innovative design in which a sturdy, hard outer case protects your phone from impact while a soft inner rubber core helps to keep your phone in place and absorb shocks. Our cases also feature several other useful functions, such as an engineered bezel which goes over your flash and deflects any unwanted flash interference, large tactile volume control buttons, and quality screen protectors to give your phone full protection.

When it comes to buying a phone cover, you want a quality design that can protect your investment. Though designer iPhone 5 cases look great, they don’t deliver the protection you need, and we can’t recommend them. For phone cases that look good on your phone and effectively protect It as well, take a look at our selection of covers today.

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