Creative Mobile Advertising

There are some creative mobile ads out there. After all, there is stiff competition: with a mobile market full of innovative and exciting products, mobile companies have to reach consumers with not only a compelling product, but also a compelling message. One message that has recently caught our attention serves as a great example of creative mobile advertising and the power of a narrative to speak to consumers and communicate the philosophy of a brand.

The Ad

The mobile company True Move H has created a wonderful advertisement that has already gotten 3.5 million views on YouTube, 40,000 likes on Facebook, and hundreds of positive comments by viewers that the short clip touched. The advertisement begins with a little boy in a Thai marketplace being scolded by a shopkeeper for attempting to steal medicine. When questioned about what he was going to do with the medicine, he replied that it was for his mom. A restaurant owner intervenes and pays for the boy’s medicine and sends him off with some soup as well.

30 years later, the restaurant owner lands in the hospital after collapsing at work. The medical bill is quite large, and the daughter is beside herself with grief. Fearing that she can’t pay the bill, she puts her property up for sale. However, something remarkable happens: the bill is paid. It turns out that the doctor looking after her father is the boy that was helped 30 years ago. The ad reminds the viewer that giving is the best form of communication. What a wonderful little story! Such creative advertising brings attention to a company’s product while appealing to the better side of human nature, which creates a positive association with the brand. What’s better than brightening someone’s day with your message? See the ad for yourself!

Creative Advertising

Here at Urban Armor Gear, we’re all about creative advertising. Take our iPhone 4 cases for example. The design of our iPhone 4 cases is inspired by a sense of adventure and the recognition of how important mobile phones have become to people. We take our phones everywhere, even to the extreme edge of human experience. We thought that people might want to protect their phones while they are carving up the slopes, touring great deserts, and climbing mountains, so we put our heads together to come up with a design that could help people do just that.

We focus on imagery associated with adventuring and extreme sports because we want to communicate to our customers a philosophy that we live by and craft our products with. With our iPhone 4 cases, you can take your trusty iPhone 4 out to the furthest reaches of the earth and be confident that your livelihood is protected.  Shop our iPhone 4 cases today, and then get out there and see the world with confidence that your phone will always be by your side!

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