Designer iPhone Cases for Women

It’s been said that fashion is fleeting, but style is a way of life. It’s not only the outfit you’re wearing or a great combination of colors and patterns, but a head to toe air of confidence and unique personality that exemplifies those character traits that are only your own. So it makes sense that those who pride themselves on their personal style would want to make sure that every part of their ensemble fits their unique vibe. For those who like to leave no territory uncharted when it comes to leaving their mark, designer iPhone cases have become a popular accessory.

If the concept of designer iPhone cases is new to you, you’re in for a treat. While you may have thought that an iPhone case was just a necessary (and clunky) addition to your phone for safety purposes only, that’s not the case (pun intended). An iPhone case can be another great style accessory, comparable to your favorite handbag or wristlet. In fact, some of them function as both a wristlet and an iPhone case in one, making them ideal for nights out, without the typical worrying about shattering your iPhone if the night gets a little rowdy.

From the Runway to Your Pocket

Not only are designer iPhone cases an emerging fashion accessory, but some of the world’s top fashion houses are also putting their names on the new trend. A few of these include MICHAEL by Michael Kors, who has come out with a beautiful black leather cross body bag with a gold chain strap, fully equipped with a pocket fitted perfectly to the iphone to keep it safe and secure. Tory Burch has also joined the ranks, offering a both iphone cases and a leather iphone wristlet that serves double duty, making your nights out much less stressful.  Kate Spade also offers iphone wristlets in several different colors, so you can pick your favorite or keep multiple colors on hand so you can accentuate your outfit even more. The list of fashion houses wouldn’t be complete if MARC by Marc Jacobs and Coach didn’t enter the picture. Both have also come out with iphone wristlets in a variety of colors and materials. So whether you’re looking for a case or an accessory that doubles as a safety measure for your phone, you can find designer iPhone cases right for you.

Fashion Meets Function

While high fashion typically means sacrificing function, there is one brand that simply doesn’t believe that needs to be the case. Urban Armor Gear features an extensive line of iPhone cases and other electronic accessories that are designed to be as functional as they are beautiful. Carefully engineered to embody a sleek look with structural rigidity where your electronics need protection the most, UAG cases offer a true balance of form and function. Check out Urban Armor Gear’s selection and order yours today!

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