Extreme Sports Therapy

Extreme sports can function as an excellent outlet for people that are vulnerable to or have chronic issues with stress. The thrill found in extreme sports, the singular concentration required for success, and the profound and beautiful outdoor settings can all have potent therapeutic effects for whoever braves the risks involved. No wonder extreme sports therapy is so effective in helping troubled teens to overcome their issues and become adjusted to the real world.

Troubled Teens and Extreme Sports

Extreme sports are an excellent motivating activity for teens. Extreme sports are fun, engaging, and are perceived as popular and cool, which attracts teens from all backgrounds. Extreme sports therapy, which is a relatively recent phenomenon, has been attracting attention due to its reported success with troubled teens, especially teens that shy away from conventional forms of therapy.

Teens from troubled backgrounds often have problems socializing and coping with everyday issues. Anxiety, apathy, social isolation, and aggression are a few of the many negative traits that are taken away from a difficult childhood. Extreme sports help teens cope with these traits by redirecting their energy towards productive avenues.

Becoming absorbed in the activity of an extreme sport helps to use up excess energy and focus attention on a highly stimulating and rewarding task, which combats stress. As teens improve their skills, they are benefited with a feeling of achievement, and they are doing all this in a social, therapeutic community. Many teens report discovering confidence and becoming more comfortable going out into social environments and interacting with the world. All of these improvements help to alleviate anxiety, build confidence, and teach life skills that will stay with the teen for the rest of his or her life.

Adults Love Extreme Sports Too

Adults can benefit from the therapeutic effects of extreme sports as well. Many adults regularly engage in extreme sports in order to cope with life’s many stressful situations, such as work-related stress and problems at home. Extreme sports provide a venue in which adults can engage in an activity that challenges them and rewards them as they build their skills and become completely absorbed in the task at hand. These benefits are described by the psychological concept of flow, which recognizes many sports as providing venues for achieving flow, which has enormous positive psychological effects. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoying the outdoors has well-documented psychological benefits as well.

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