Gamers Look Forward to GTA 5

A lot of media excitement has been built up around the much-anticipated Grand Theft Auto 5, which is set to be one of the biggest video game releases in history. Rockstar is handling the media hype in a characteristically clever way: with cultural spoofs that are part of the game’s internal world. We were pretty excited right off the bat when we saw that the game was going to feature a bevy of extreme sports activities, as well as an amusing satire of some of the more exaggerated aspects of the extreme sports culture. Read on for details, then check out the promotional videos to see what we are talking about.

Extreme Virtual Sports

GTA 5 is set to feature a rich assortment of playable extreme sports activities. Want to participate in a triathlon, base jump off of a cliff face, bridge, or skyscraper, rock climb, skydive, BMX bike, race personal watercraft and quad runners, and more from the comfort of your couch? Well, you can do so with style in Grand Theft Auto 5! Granted, none of these activities are going to provide the thrill and experience of a real extreme sport, but we are still pretty excited that they are giving the extreme sport genre a nod with these additions. The move is appropriate enough, considering that the Grand Theft Auto 5 game world is a giant virtual tribute to California culture, a large part of which is the widespread devotion to extreme sports and outdoor adventure.

It is amusing to see the video game developers go after the supercharged, egocentric aspects of energy bar advertising as well. As extreme sport enthusiasts, we’ve seen it all.

Poking at Culture

Besides the wealth of extreme sports activities in the game, it appears the developers are going after well-known cultural phenomena as well, such as the Fox-style hyperactive Saturday morning cartoons, reality TV, and Mad Men, among others, which will appear as actual television programs that you can watch in the game. If you get bored causing mayhem in a fictional Los Angeles or following the colorful storylines of the game’s characters, you can sit down and pop on the tube for some hilarious caricatures of popular TV shows.

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