How Tech Startups Are Making the World Better

Woody Allen once noted that if you’re not failing now and again, you’re not doing anything very innovative.

Technology startups take that message to heart. They are the engine that drives a great deal of the new economy, the innovators who seek to solve problems we may not even know we have. Their premise is as simple as it is solid: wouldn’t it be great if we could create something that does something like this?

Changing the World

Yes, that can lead to things that are somewhat silly. Do we really need an app that can find the greatest hotdogs in your area?  But there are also the others, those companies that are devising ways to make solar panels last longer, that are finding new ways to incorporate biotechnology into our daily lives, or developing new strains of microbes that will eliminate certain toxic wastes.

Some things that may appear silly at first are later discovered to be world-changing. Certainly Twitter did not have the appearance of a very useful tool when it first appeared on the scene.  After all, could 140 characters compete with great works that run to 500 pages, or in-depth articles that require several pages of copy to make a point?

What we failed to understand about Twitter can apply to almost any world-changing technology. The past is not necessarily the prelude to the future.

Technology in Adaptation

Twitter fit into a gradually shifting paradigm of communication, a world where the small screen we held in our hand was of far more value than the desktop, radio, or television when it came to instant communication. After all, you are with yourself 24 hours a day. You may not be in front of one of the other devices for any great length of time, or even have access to one.

In 140 characters, Twitter gave the world the gist of what they needed to know. And because it was a democratic publishing platform, anyone could create something worth following, or enhance and build on the audience they already developed.

While some tech companies are changing the world, others are focusing on less titanic tasks. These are the businesses that aim to make life easier, more enjoyable, more artistic, and certainly more functional.

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