How to Protect your iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is Apple’s latest installment in their most successful product line, and it comes with a series of updated bells and whistles. However, its durability remains fairly similar to its predecessors, since they are made virtually out of the same material. So while this post is going to focus on how to protect iPhone 5, a lot of these tips are useful for other iPhone models.

1.  Keep your phone out of your pocket

This sounds a bit counterintuitive, since part of the reason to have an iPhone is the ability to carry it around with you. But coins, keys, and other objects in your pockets can scratch the case, backing and, worst of all, screen. Even though the iPhone 5 is fairly durable as far as smartphones go, a lot of pressure can be applied to the contents of your pockets, especially if you wear denim. Try designating a pocket exclusively for your iPhone 5, so it doesn’t get pressed against other things you carry.

2.  Keep it from overheating

All the processing capability that comes with the iPhone 5 creates a lot of heat in an enclosed space, and your phone can overheat if it’s in a warm climate. Apple recommends keeping your device between 32 and 95 degrees for optimal performance. Avoid leaving your phone in a car on a hot day or leaving it in the sun. The GPS card uses a lot of processing capacity and generates a lot of heat. Consider deactivating it if it’s not necessary in warm weather. Also, if your phone is at risk of overheating, the signal will be reduced and the screen will dim. If you are in hot weather and are experiencing this problem, protect iPhone 5 electronics by shutting the phone down, and waiting for it to cool.

3.  Universal dock

If your iPhone 5 doesn’t come bundled with a universal dock for charging, consider buying one. A lot of the damage to phones happens when they are charging. A universal charger keeps your phone in an upright-position and easily accessible. This protects the iPhone 5 from damage caused from being knocked over or accidentally tugged from the charging cable.

4.  Buy a protective case

Lastly and most importantly, a lot of these problems can be reduced or avoided if you buy the right protective case for your iPhone 5. While the phone has durable construction, if you have a particularly active lifestyle, it’s practically an imperative to have a hardy case to protect your phone from scratches, bumps, and other mishaps. Compared to the price of a repair or replacement, a case is an economical way to protect iPhone 5 from damage. It also allows you to add style and personalize your gadget to suit your needs. iPhones have been designed for customization by users, and a hardy case is an integral part of the design.

To keep your new iPhone 5 as safe as possible, and considering the exigencies of an adventurous lifestyle, check out some of the options available here at UAG. We have specially engineered covers that provide maximum protection without compromising style and functionality.

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