iPad Mini vs iTouch

It seems a lot of people like to joke that the iPad Mini is just a big iPod Touch (which in turn is basically an iPhone without the phone). But there are some important differences between them that are worth checking out before you decide to go with either option. Besides, if there wasn’t a significant difference, why would Apple go through the expense of marketing two separate products? What is there real story behind the iPad Mini vs iTouch?

It All Began with the iTouch

The iTouch is the fifth generation descendent of the original iPod that was designed to play music and…that’s about it. The iPod was Apple’s star product until it was superseded in sales by the iPhone. Today, the iPod Touch has virtually all the features that the iPhone has, such as camera, touch screen, wifi capability and can still store and play music.

The iPad Mini

The iPad Mini is a reduced size version of the iPad and shares most of its features. iPads are expected to replace laptop computers – with bigger screens, faster processors and more capabilities than smartphones, but with almost the same portability. The iPad mini is an extra-portable, ultra-convenient version of the iPad.

The iPad Mini vs iTouch Debate

Even though they might look similar on the surface, the history of the iPad Mini vs iTouch shows that they are clearly different. In the end, what matters is functionality, and they both have their strengths and weaknesses in different areas.

The iPad Touch remains true to its origins as a compact, sleek device to play media files. In fact, it’s the slimmest personal electronic device available on the market today. It’s also light-weight and compact, making it the perfect companion for bringing your tunes with you when you work out or need a soundtrack for a particular activity. The downside, however, is that it’s so similar to the iPhone 5 that practically anything it can do can also be done by the phone.

The chief advantage of the iPad is its size: the bigger screen makes it a lot easier to review documents, read books, and watch movies. Despite its salient point being increased size; it still remains very lightweight, slim, and compact. Ironically, however, the lower resolution screen at 164ppi of the iPad Mini vs iTouch’s 326ppi means you get a better image on the iPod. The iPad does make up for this with a slightly longer battery life and faster processing speed.

Underneath the casing, and despite their different purposing, there are remarkable similarities. Both devices use the same operating system, the same programs, and have the same access to the same apps. The similarities continue in the hardware as well, with the same processor (although the iPad Mini has its overclocked to increase performance), similar storage capabilities and identical cameras.

It Really Does Just Come Down to the Size

The bottom line of the iPad Mini vs iTouch debate is that it appears the only real difference from the standpoint of a potential user is the size of the screen. A larger touchscreen allows you better visuals and more room for typing and messaging; while the more compact iPod is better for keeping in your pocket while jogging.

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