iPhone 5 vs Nexus 5 Review | Case for iPhone 5

Apple’s iOS platform and the Android platform are easily the top competitors in the smartphone market. If you take a look at the top-performing and top-selling smartphones, you’ll almost certainly find them to be using one or the other operating system. Both platforms have their share of dedicated fans who swear their favorite operating system is best; which one should you go with? Let’s see what happens when we compare the two best smartphones that run these opposing operating systems: the iPhone 5 (which runs iOS) and the Nexus 5 (which runs Android).


It is always difficult to objectively pin down matters of aesthetic taste, but we definitely favor the iPhone 5 for this one. With its sleek design and its minimalist profile – the iPhone 5 is thinner and weighs less than the Nexus 5 – the iPhone 5 is an attractive device. Coupled with a stylish case for iPhone 5, you’re sure to turn heads with this device.


Both phones feature solid hardware that performs admirably with any task you throw at it. It is hard to come up with a winner for this one. The Nexus 5 features 2.26 GhZ Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 guad core processor, while the iPhone 5 comes with an A7 chip with 64-bit processing. Both processors can pull their own weight with no problem, and both phones feature a vibrant, crystal clear display which is great for media. It is hard to choose a winner on this one.


Both phones offer great interfaces: the iPhone 5 interface is a little more intuitive and easy to use, while the Nexus interface is more robust and customizable. Both platforms offer a huge variety of apps to help you with your everyday tasks. The iPhone 5 does edge out its competition in this category, however, as it has better audio and a much better camera: the iPhone 5 features a razor sharp 8 megapixel camera that easily beats out the competition. If you pick up a case for iPhone 5 or Nexus 5, make sure it doesn’t obstruct the camera and other necessary ports and buttons. Also, the iPhone 5 has a far longer battery life.


In terms of price, the iPhone 5 is more expensive. If you are on a tight budget, the Nexus 5 is very affordable for one of the best performing smartphones on the market. The Nexus 5 definitely wins in this category.


If you can fork out the cash for the iPhone 5, this smartphone comes highly recommended. Both the iPhone 5 and Nexus 5 are excellent smartphones, well deserving of their popularity. However, the iPhone 5 edges out the Nexus 5 with its great design and superior audio and camera. Grab a case for iPhone 5 and you’ll have everything you need in style and functionality. Shop for a case for iPhone 5 today.

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