iPhone 6’s Camera Overhaul

Smartphones were originally designed for talking and texting, but as the built-in cameras in the devices improved, many consumers started using their phones in place of digital cameras. In addition to using it to take amateurish selfies and poorly composed pictures at parties, consumers also use cell phones to take quality photographs they intend to download to their computer and keep forever. That’s one reason why iPhone 6’s new camera is big news.

Camera Overhaul

It’s important to note that, as the iPhone 6 has yet to be released, information about its camera upgrade should be considered educated speculation at best. Nevertheless, as giddy insiders feast their eyes on the device and learn about its specs, much of the pre-release information we receive figures to be fairly accurate. So far, here’s what tech insiders are saying about the iPhone 6’s camera overhaul preceding the official release of the new smartphone.

  • Increased Megapixels — The iPhone 5 boasts eight megapixels, but the iPhone 6 will reportedly offer 10. If this is true, the boost in picture clarity should be quite noticeable.

  • New Lense — A new lense will improve picture quality, making the iPhone 6 one of the best smartphones in its class for photos. Gone are the days of fuzzy smartphone pics.

  • New Filter — To improve picture clarity, the hybrid IR filter will be replaced with a resin lens filter. The gap between smartphones and digital cameras is narrowing.

  • Better Display — A 4.7-inch screen with a resolution of 1,136 by 640 pixels will be great for taking and viewing photos. A model with a 5.7inch screen is expected to launch a bit later.

The iPhone 6 will also entice consumers with additional upgrades, one of which could be an ultra slim body that resembles the body of the MacBook Air. Experts predict that a phone with such a body could be marketed as the “iPhone Air,” and have a profile so thin that the next thinnest profile looks wide by comparison. As cool as a thinner smartphone body may look, it won’t increase functionality. If you’re a techie, you’ll want to buy the iPhone 6 for its new camera.

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