iPhone Gear You Can’t Live Without

So you have a brand new iPhone (or you just want to upgrade the phone you’ve had) and you’re looking for some must-have accessories. Of course, if you’ve gone shopping, you’ve already found out that there are tons of third party products available on the market for iPhones. So what kind of iPhone gear should you get? You can’t go wrong with this list of recommended iPhone gear that you just can’t live without.


For audiophiles that have a specific headphone brand they want to use instead of the stock Apple headphones, the iPhone presents a frustrating predicament: many third party headphones have jacks that don’t fit in the iPhone’s recessed port. If you’re looking to pick up higher quality headphones to listen to your music with, you’re sure to like Bose, Sennheiser, or Beats headphones, and be sure to pick up a headphone adapter so you can actually use the headphones. Here is a more comprehensive list if you want to go shopping for your iPhone gear.


For those constantly on the move, a good Bluetooth headset is a great accessory to have. Bluetooth headsets connect wirelessly to your iPhone and are situated to take calls as they come in. For those busy and on their phone all the time, or just for pure convenience, this is an excellent choice to add to your collection of iPhone gear.

Docking Stations

If you want to throw a party, let others in on what you are listening to, or just play your music in a room without having to put in headphones, a docking station is a great idea. A good docking station charges your phone and plays your music through high quality speakers which sound great and are capable of filling the room with your music.


Your iPhone comes with a standard charger, but you might want to think about getting a car charger as well; you’re sure to use your iPhone quite a bit and it would be a shame to have it die at an inopportune time. Plus, if you’re going on a long road trip a good car charger is a must.

Phone Cases

One of the most important pieces in your iPhone gear collection is definitely a good phone cover. Urban Armor Gear makes high quality iPhone covers that protect your phone with an innovative hard shell/soft rubber core design. These stylish phone cases are sure to turn heads; they look great on your phone while protecting it not just from accidental impacts, but daily wear and tear as well. These covers come with protective screen covers as well, so your phone is going to remain in top condition for the time you have it. A phone case like this is a must-have addition to your iPhone gear collection. Shop the Urban Armor Gear collection today and find the case that is perfect for you.

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