Note II Survives 100 Foot Drop


On September 11th, 2013 my family and I were enjoying our time at the L.A. County Fair and took advantage of the all you can ride promotion for their roller coasters.  I went on a pendulum ride called “Speed” which I would estimate to be approximately 100 feet tall, that rotates like a clock and sports some very strong positive and negative g-forces on your body.

After a few rotations, I felt my phone slip out of my pocket at the bottom of our rotation and unfortunately could not reach it with my hands due to the shoulder restraints.  Moments later at the highest point of the ride and some high G forces, I watched as my new Note II flung out of the ride an additional 15-20 feet straight up, hitting the tube steel safety cage on its escape out.

NoteIISurvives100FootFall_2To my horror, I watched the phone tumbling through the air for a few seconds and lost sight of it.  After another rotation I was able to see several pieces of what I assumed was my phone scattered on the asphalt below with a crowd forming around it.  After the ride had ended, I was informed that when the phone hit, it bounced about 3-4 feet up from the initial impact.  Everyone including myself had assumed it was a complete loss.

Amazingly the screen had no cracks, just superficial scratches to the screen protector, the body had some minor scratches after the phone had separated from the UAG case.  The battery itself had been significantly bent, and with nothing else to lose, I just bent the battery back as much as I could.

I replaced the battery in the phone and powered it up.  As soon as the Samsung splash screen appeared, a crowd of 30+ people erupted in cheers and drew more people in.  Everyone was asking, what case I had on the phone and once I said Urban Armor Gear and showed it to them, everyone commented on how nice it looked and were amazed at the protection it had offered from such a large fall.  Another spectator had asked if they made it for the iphone, and at that moment, my friend pulled out his iphone with the UAG case I bought for his birthday.  It would be an understatement to say your product had impressed the crowd.

NoteII_Survives100FootDrop_3The case and phone are still in use with no ill effects other than some red paint rubbed on the case from hitting the tube steel on its way off the ride.  I am positive that if it weren’t for the UAG case absorbing so much of the impact, my phone would have not survived.



Justin Cotter, Los Angeles, CA

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