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Tech Meets Automobile

Tech Meets Automobile

November 4, 2013  /  Urban Armor Gear  /  Comments (0)

Like most Americans, you probably spend at least an hour a day doing this. You don’t want to think about it. You don’t enjoy it, but rather endure it. And you’re looking for a little ray of sunshine that will make it just a little more tolerable. No, we’re… Read More

Phoneblok is the Future

Phoneblok Exposes the Future of Tech

October 31, 2013  /  Urban Armor Gear  /  Comments (0)

Imagine a smart phone that didn’t have to be upgraded when your plan or company dictated. A smart phone that will remain functional for years to come without being discarded. One that will handle iPhone 4s case requirements and beyond. You don’t have to ima… Read More


iPhone Cases for Girls | Cute iPhone 4 Cases

October 28, 2013  /  Urban Armor Gear  /  Comments (0)

Who says “feminine” and “tech lover” don’t go together? Certainly not the Urban Armor Gear team. In fact, we have cute iPhone 4 cases that chic, strong women will love! Our iPhone Cases for Girls Don’t let their appearance fool you. Our cute iPho… Read More


Stay Tuned for Amazon Smartphones | iPhone 3GS cases

October 28, 2013  /  Urban Armor Gear  /  Comments (0)

You’re not likely to see the rumored Amazon smartphones this year, but they’re still a worthy addition to any techie’s watch list. The e-commerce giant, which has been a trusted platform over the years for buyers and sellers of products like iPhone 3GS ca… Read More