iLounge – iPhone 5

“Urban Armor Gear caught our eye at the 2013 CES, where it was showing off soon-to-come iPad mini cases, as well as its Composite Case for iPhone 5 ($35). Coming in six colors, each with a different name such as Scout or Outland, it’s another take on the co-molded plastic and rubber case that’s so popular these days, although far more stylized. An included screen protector film helps keep the



XDA Developers – HTC One

“Those who know me from the One X forums here know that I have a bit of a problem when it comes to purchasing cases- I can’t stop. I held a bunch of giveaways for the cases I didn’t use, and I still have about 20 of them sitting in a box. My problem was that I just couldn’t find the perfect case. I loved a lot of them, but



RunAroundTech – iPad Mini

“It was a few months back when I spotted some Twitter chatter about some really cool looking cases.  The company?  Urban Armor Gear.  I’d not seen them before but they sure looked unique.  I recently reached out to UAG to see if I could get some review items to check out and they gladly offered to send along some of their cases.  Up first, the Urban Armor Gear iPad Mini



Android Forums – Note II

“Since I don’t own iPhone or S3, my experience with previous UAG cases was based on reading only reviews from others, and it seems those cases were quite popular with a huge fan base. Note 2 case introduced a new design, and that generated a mixed reviews. I’m personally looking at the case as is without comparing it to previous models.” Android Forum Review


Gadgetmac – iPhone 4S

“As if it came straight out of an action film, Urban Armor Gear’s UAG iPhone Case Series will leave you feeling like you’re a CIA agent on a mission. They look like they could deflect a bullet, take a tumble down a cliff, and then withstand an earth-shaking explosion to top things off (don’t try this at home). In their entire armory of protection, Urban Armor Gear has got you covered with



Ran Over By Dodge Ram

“Hello, I really hope that you guys have plans for making a case for the SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE II, I don’t think there is any case on the market that will protect a device like your case can!!! I bought this case form amazon for my SIII and ran my phone over while inside your case with my 8500 lb Dodge Ram 2500 and this case let my phone survive!!!!!


Clumsy Customer

“Hey there. I just wanted to thank your company for the high quality products you manufacture. For some reason this week I’ve dropped my Samsung galaxy s3 3 times. Tonight it was twice and once it actually slid under a car in a parking lot. The 2 things that amazed me were one, my phone looks fine. And two the case looks perfect! There isn’t a mark on it. And


Rollercoaster in amusement park

Flew Out of a Roller Coaster

“I have had the GS3 case since September of 2012 and loved it! Sturdy, good looking and more than once saved my phone from imminent peril. I mean the phone flew out of my pocket while I was on a Roller Coaster (Cedar Point) and it was fine. Albeit the case was severely beaten up and the screen protector was trashed. The phone did end up in a grassy portion



20 Foot Drop

I have the UAG Samsung Galaxy III case. I wanted to thank you for a great design. Last weekend we were in Puerto Penasco, Mexico and I dropped my phone OFF THE UPSTAIRS BALCONY of a restaurant (at least 20 ft) onto the Concrete sidewalk…And it landed like a cat (on its ‘feet’ / case backing) and no damage to phone or case. YEA.  thanks again 🙂 ~ Adam Dishong