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Stay Tuned for Amazon Smartphones | iPhone 3GS cases

October 28, 2013  /  Urban Armor Gear  /  Comments (0)

You’re not likely to see the rumored Amazon smartphones this year, but they’re still a worthy addition to any techie’s watch list. The e-commerce giant, which has been a trusted platform over the years for buyers and sellers of products like iPhone 3GS ca… Read More


Tech Safety | iPhone Cases 4

October 28, 2013  /  Urban Armor Gear  /  Comments (0)

Technology is a double-edged sword. Just as it allows people to communicate with one another easily and creatively, technology also allows unscrupulous individuals to exploit loopholes in its system for their own ends. If you’re not careful, you can become as vu… Read More


Tesla on Fire…Literally | Galaxy Note 2 Cases

October 28, 2013  /  Urban Armor Gear  /  Comments (0)

There’s nothing truly remarkable about car accidents. If drivers took care of their vehicles the way Galaxy Note 2 cases protect devices, then the national average for road crash fatalities should be much less than 37,000 per year, as per the Association for Saf… Read More


Will Ads Ruin Instagram? | Best iPhone Cases

October 28, 2013  /  Urban Armor Gear  /  Comments (0)

Selfies lined with ads on beauty products, anyone? Just kidding. There’s more to the uproar over Instagram’s latest move than that, of course. (In case you didn’t know, the popular photo and video-sharing service is planning to roll out ads on users’ fe… Read More

Low Tech Advantage

The Low-Tech Advantage

October 28, 2013  /  Urban Armor Gear  /  Comments (0)

Low-tech products may not be fancy or figure on the cutting edge of the tech market, but they offer several advantages that their higher-tech brethren might lack. Low-tech products are often affordable due to their simplicity and barebones features, and there are … Read More