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Coolest iPhone Cases

March 13, 2014  /  Urban Armor Gear  /  Comments (0)

These days, it isn’t enough to just have a cool iPhone; you also need to place it in a cool iPhone case that keeps it from getting scuffed, protects it from being dropped, and helps preserve its functionality. There are literally hundreds of iPhone cases to choo… Read More

iPhone 6′s Camera Overhaul

March 11, 2014  /  Urban Armor Gear  /  Comments (0)

Smartphones were originally designed for talking and texting, but as the built-in cameras in the devices improved, many consumers started using their phones in place of digital cameras. In addition to using it to take amateurish selfies and poorly composed picture… Read More

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs. Samsung Galaxy S5

March 9, 2014  /  Urban Armor Gear  /  Comments (0)

Some people await the release of a new cell phone as if it were the birth of a child. If you’re a big fan of Samsung products, that might describe the excitement you feel about the upcoming release of the Galaxy S5, a cell phone whose precise specs and capabilit… Read More

Samsung’s Low-Key Release for Galaxy S5

March 7, 2014  /  Urban Armor Gear  /  Comments (0)

Some product release parties have as much glitz as a gala for a Roman Emperor, but Samsung won’t be popping open many bottles of champagne when it rolls out the much-anticipated Galaxy S5 smartphone in 2014. Plenty of fanfare surrounded the release of the Galaxy… Read More

The Difference Between High Quality and Cheap iPhone 4s Cases

March 5, 2014  /  Urban Armor Gear  /  Comments (0)

The iPhone 4s is a sleek smartphone with loads of great features. Even if you purchased your iPhone 4s at a discount through your cell plan provider, you still need to protect the device as if it cost an arm and a leg. Before long, a person’s cell phone contains… Read More