See the Best Cases for iPhone 4

Let’s be honest here: the best cases for iPhone 4 depend on each person’s activity and lifestyle. If you spend most of your time in an office or school, never venturing into the urban jungle or great outdoors, then a cute silicone cover will do just nicely. But if you crave adventure and want to take your iPhone along with you to share the most extreme moments with your loved



Personalized iPhone Cases – How to Make Your Phone Your Own

Everyone has a smartphone these days. Despite the many different kinds of people who own cell phones, there only seems to be a few looks available to buyers. Perhaps, it has something to do with Apple’s ultra-successful iPhone design and a lot of other companies copying the layout. Or perhaps, tech products just choose function over form. But not to worry; iPhones were designed to accommodate personalized iPhone cases. It’s



iPhone Tips and Secrets

Apple’s reputation and success stems from its creation of quality products that offer everything you could ever dream of (and more). Unfortunately, with so many great offerings, it can sometimes be difficult to pin point the most efficient tools and apps to help get you through your day. To help you out, UAG is happy to provide you with a list of our favorite iPhone tips and secrets. We hope



iPad Mini vs iTouch

It seems a lot of people like to joke that the iPad Mini is just a big iPod Touch (which in turn is basically an iPhone without the phone). But there are some important differences between them that are worth checking out before you decide to go with either option. Besides, if there wasn’t a significant difference, why would Apple go through the expense of marketing two separate products? What



How to Protect your iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is Apple’s latest installment in their most successful product line, and it comes with a series of updated bells and whistles. However, its durability remains fairly similar to its predecessors, since they are made virtually out of the same material. So while this post is going to focus on how to protect iPhone 5, a lot of these tips are useful for other iPhone models. 1.  Keep