Do You Need a New iPhone 4S Cover? 5 Ways to Know

While this article will cover primarily the iPhone 4S, most of this advice is equally applicable for other late-generation iPhones. There have been significant improvements on the inside of the signature Apple products, but the housing material has remained the same and subject to the same wear and tear. Here are some things to keep in mind if you are wondering whether you need a new iPhone 4s cover. 1.



Armor Case for iPad

The reason for having an iPad is that you can take it pretty much anywhere. It’s a great tool for when you need a computer away from home, but a laptop proves too bulky. Of course, that means your iPad is going to be exposed to the same conditions you are, and if you have an active or adventurous lifestyle, it’s going to be taking a beating. Urban Armor Gear’s




“Another tough but affordable S3 case that you’ll find anywhere between $20 and $24 on Amazon, depending on your color choice (white is the cheapest). I like the rugged design flare.” C|Net Review  


Android Dissected – Galaxy S4

“As many of you know, I’m not one who usually keeps a case on my phone, at least not for very long. However, owning the LG Nexus 4 with that back glass really changed all of that for me. So over the past few months, I’ve gotten more into exploring the world of cases and which ones I like the best. Recently I reviewed the Incipio Feathercase which was super nice.



Gadgetmac – iPhone 5

“What better way to start off our first iPhone 5 case review than with one of our favorite iPhone 4S case. Like many other case companies, Urban Armor Gear ported their UAG composite case to fit the new and slender iPhone 5. It’s got that same kickass, military-inspired armored design and ruggedized protection to keep your iPhone protected against impending drops. Will the iPhone 5 version be just as great as it was



Outside – Galaxy S4

“Although the Galaxy S4 came out just this week, case designers are already selling protective covers for the Android phone with the monster 5-inch screen. Our favorite cover, from Urban Armor Gear, has a stellar reputation for making adamantine shells for older Android phones and iPhones. The Outland uses a composite plastic outer shell, rubber bumpers on each corner, and a squishy inner layer to absorb shocks. The shape lends rigidity to