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Q: Is my product covered under your warranty if I make my purchase on Amazon?
A: Yes! Our manufacturer’s warranty covers your product regardless of the place of purchase.

Q: Is color of the the Aviator/ Moss composite case a camo green or grey? Its difficult to tell from the photos I’ve found on the internet.
A: The color is a very subtle (desaturated) camo green; however some individuals appear to be less sensitive to the subtle coloration and perceive it as grey. Please note that the particular lighting used in the photograph will also influence the color.

Q: Does the color of the Slate/ Aero Galaxy SIII composite cases match the pebble color?
A: Yes and No. The Galaxy pebble color is slightly more saturated and has a more metallic finish. That said, our Aero/ Slate color is matte and less saturated making it a nice complementary accent without competing.

Q: Do you have plans to manufacture a compatible sound dock for the Galaxy SIII composite cases?
A: No plans currently. You might try shopping sound dock manufactures using the external dimensions of the Galaxy SIII:
Length = 140.5mm / 5.53 IN Width 74.5mm / 2.93″ Depth 14mm / 0.55″

Q: What are the dimensions of the iPhone 5 composite case?
A: Length = 127.0mm / 5.00 IN Width 63.3mm / 2.49″ Depth 12.5mm / 0.49″

Q: How big is the cut out for headphone jacks on the iPhone 5 composite cases?
A: .350″ or 9.14MM

Q: What are your products made of?
A: Our functional elements of our cases are fabricated from high quality polycarbonate hard plastic for structural rigidity and TPU rubber for impact resistance.

Q: Are your cases recyclable?
A: Our cases and packaging are made of materials and can be recycled if handled appropriately through an authorized recycling center.

Q: Do you have any plans to make cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy Note 2s, OR HTC EVO 4G?
A: Maybe : )

Q: I’ve installed my device into your UAG composite case, now how do I remove it?
A: Many customers report easy removal by popping off the upper right corner with the thumb and moving around the subsequent corners in a clockwise direction.

Q: Do UAG composite cases interfere with Near field communication (NFC)?
A: No. All NFC transmissions work normally.

Q: How do UAG composite cases compare in protection to the OtterBox Defender?
A: Internally performed drop tests indicate that UAG composite cases provide an equivalent or better level of protection. We offer superior protection while minimizing bulk.

Q: Why are UAG composite cases priced higher than seemingly equivalent products?
A: As the old adage goes ” You get what you pay for”. While there are less expensive alternatives on the market, you won’t find the same quality and craftsmanship you get with a UAG composite case. There are many levels of quality when it comes to manufactured products. This affects the pricing accordingly.

Q: Do you currently make or plan to make a holster for your composite cases?
A: We do not currently manufacture a holster; however, this may become something we offer in the future. A few customers have reported using a holster designed for the Samsung note to carry their UAG composite case.

Q: Are you screen protectors integrated into the “system” (similar to the OtterBox Defender or Griffin Survivor), or is it a stick-on type?
A: The screen kit is of the “Peel and stick” variety and does an outstanding job to protect the glass from dings and scratches.

Q: Will my screen protector lift or buckle when using one of your composite cases?
A:The best thing to do is use the included compatible screen protector that ships with your case. Some of the heavier/ thicker screen protectors may not be compatible.

Q: The Buttons on my Galaxy SIII are very firm. Is this normal?
A: Yes, Expect a “break in” period for your buttons. They are intentionally firm to prevent accidental actuation in a pocket or hand bag.

Q: Do you have plans to release the Amber/ ROGUE or Cobalt/ NOMAD models for iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy SIII?
A: No. These models are exclusive to iPhone 4.

Q: Do your white composite cases show dirt or discolor over time?
A: Our cases have a matte finish and are resistant to dirt and discoloration. We have never had a complaints about dirt or discoloration.

Q: What is my product warranty?
A: UAG warrants our product to be free of defects for 1 year after the original purchase date. Please see our Limited Product Warranty for details.

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