Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Review | Galaxy Note 2 Case

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 is quite a phone. With a 5.5in HD screen, this is a big smartphone that could almost pass as a tablet. Another thing that sets this phone apart is its included stylus which can be used on the touch screen. How does the phone stack up? Is there a good Galaxy Note 2 case that could handle the phone’s unusual size? Read on for a brief review of the phone and our recommendation for a Galaxy Note 2 case.

Phone Design

The Galaxy Note 2 features a lean design for such a large phone. It feels great to hold, and for those who like large screens to work with, the phone is perfect. The large size might be a little off-putting for those who prefer smaller phones or wear skinny jeans with thin pockets. However, the button placement and design of the phone makes it surprisingly easy to handle. Besides the home button on the front, the phone has the usual volume controls, power button, headphone jack, USB/power port on the bottom, as well as a camera on the back. All in all, the Galaxy Note 2 is a sleek-looking phone that manages its size well, and the phone looks great with an accompanying Galaxy Note 2 case.

The defining characteristic of this phone is its 5.5in HD screen, which provides a clear and vibrant picture. This large screen is perfect for watching videos or writing notes with the stylus. However, the large screen is vulnerable to scrapes and scratches, so a Galaxy Note 2 case is essential to keep it protected.


The Galaxy Note 2 features touch screen functionality that you’ve come to expect with a smartphone, with the addition of a precision stylus which slides into the bottom of the phone for storage. The stylus is easy to use and works great with the variety of apps Samsung included that utilize the stylus’ functions. The Galaxy Note 2 comes loaded with a Wacom digitizer which handles drawing functions with ease. The S Note app that comes loaded on the phone allows you to do drawings and make notes with the stylus, which makes great use of the stylus’ functions. The Galaxy Note 2 will beep at you if you leave your stylus behind, so no worries there. The phone has a microSD slot so you can upgrade your memory as well.

The phone comes packaged with a responsive Android 4.1 Jelly Bean interface, making navigation and daily tasks a snap. The phone’s performance is great. Slowdowns are rare and it handles all of your favorite apps with ease. Being an Android smartphone, the Galaxy Note 2 supports a huge variety of useful apps to use, which is to be expected from a smartphone. The phone is a great media device with good sound, and battery life is surprisingly solid.


The Galaxy Note 2 is a great smartphone. Its large size and precision stylus set it apart from many of the smart phones on the market. If you like to draw or use a stylus for all your daily tasks, this phone is perfect for you. Definitely consider picking up a Galaxy Note 2 case, so you can protect your investment and prevent the screen from getting scratched up. Shop for your Galaxy Note 2 case today.

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