Samsung Galaxy Note Pros and Cons

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There has been a lot of buzz surrounding Samsung’s Galaxy Note smart phone. Numerous tech critics have called the phone one of their favorite Android phones of all time. Of course, not all things are perfect, and there have been a share of detractors complaining about its huge size, as well as the vulnerability of the phone’s screen. How does the phone actually stack up? Let’s go over the Note’s pros and cons, and any possible solutions to the phone’s shortcomings, such as covering up the phone with one of many Samsung Galaxy Note cases.

Galaxy Note Pros

· Huge Screen: The Galaxy Note is a large phone, and the screen itself is pretty big for a smart phone screen. The Note can easily substitute for a smaller tablet. Web browsing, ebook reading, movie watching, and typing are all very enjoyable on this phone.

· Performance: The phone performs very well. The phone has a fast processor that can handle all of the latest apps and games without stumbling. Also, the battery has a large capacity that can run all day.

· Included Stylus: The phone’s included stylus, the S-pen, allows you to make notes on the fly, draw, traverse calendars and other data organizers with ease, and more.

· Great Camera: The built in camera is powerful. It takes crisp pictures and excellent videos.

· Design: The design of the phone is sleek and stylish, despite the phone’s oversized frame. Browse Samsung Galaxy Note cases to get a cover for your phone that makes it look even better.

Galaxy Note Cons

· Large Size: The large size of the phone makes it difficult to pocket it. You can definitely do it, but it takes some effort. It is better to store the phone in a bag or in a jacket. Because of its size, the device is difficult to use with one hand for some people, though if your hands are big enough this isn’t a problem.

· Huge Screen: Having a huge screen has its advantages, but it also has its disadvantages. A larger screen is more vulnerable to cracks and scrapes. Definitely look into Samsung Galaxy Note cases if you want to protect your phone.

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Invest in a Case

As you can see, there are many more advantages than disadvantages to having a Galaxy Note. If you do decide to go with this phone, be sure to look into Samsung Galaxy Note cases so you can pick the perfect cover to protect that large screen. We’re sure you will love the capabilities of this phone. Shop for a Note case today.



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