Samsung Galaxy S3 Review | Galaxy S3 Phone Cases

The Samsung Galaxy series of phones is one of the most popular smartphone lines in the market. These phones are popular for good reason: they’re great phones that are easy to use and come with an assortment of features. In this article we review the Samsung Galaxy S3. How does this phone stack up as a competitor in the market? Read on for the review, as well as a brief survey of high quality Galaxy S3 phone cases.


The Samsung Galaxy S3 features a sleek design; despite its large face, the phone is razor thin and boasts a brilliant HD screen for a wonderful picture. There are some issues with the phone’s actual build, however. The plastic backing on the case is prone to scratching, and the phone itself is vulnerable to drops, with a screen that is in danger of cracking if dropped. However, if you pick up one of the high quality Galaxy S3 phone cases on the market, you can curb this problem.


The Galaxy S3 is very fast: its Exynos 4212 Quad processor supplies more than enough horsepower to handle whatever apps and games you load on there. The processor handles multi-tasking admirably so you can switch between apps that are simultaneously in use, no problem. The actual interface is gorgeous and uses the reliable Android operating system.


The Galaxy S3 includes the S Voice program, which is comparable to Apple’s Siri, so you can use voice commands to navigate your phone. This is a nice addition that allows hands free operation. Since this is an Android phone, there is a huge library of apps and games to choose from to aid in your daily tasks. The phone features a brilliant 8 megapixel camera that takes excellent pictures and has a powerful flash for darker settings. The phone also records in crisp 1080p. In terms of multimedia, the Galaxy S3 is excellent at playing videos and includes a built-in function to play videos with ease. Music sounds great on this phone whether through the built-in speakers or with headphones. If you need more space for your media, the phone offers a microSD port for easy expansion. The phone’s battery life is solid too; you can expect your phone’s charge to hold for a day if you aren’t using it too heavily.


All in all, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a great phone. It features a sleek design with a brilliant screen, great performance, killer multimedia capabilities, good battery life, and an excellent camera, among other things. The main liability is that the phone is prone to scratching and cracking, so be sure to shop for one of the more high quality Galaxy S3 phone cases on the market. This smartphone comes highly recommended. If you decide to go with the Galaxy S3, shop for Galaxy S3 phone cases today.


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