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You’re not likely to see the rumored Amazon smartphones this year, but they’re still a worthy addition to any techie’s watch list.

The e-commerce giant, which has been a trusted platform over the years for buyers and sellers of products like iPhone 3GS cases, has been generating buzz over their Projects A, B, C and D, collectively known as the Alphabet Projects. So far, Amazon has refused to disclose any concrete details about these.

In any case, these products will bolster Amazon’s debut into a market dominated by the likes of Apple, Samsung and Google. Other large companies such as Nokia Corp. and Research In Motion Limited (RIM) have tried, albeit unsuccessfully, to break into the smartphones market.

RIM, the manufacturer of Blackberry phones, already signed a letter of intent to be acquired by other companies for $4.7 billion. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s mobile phone business has yet to impress those in the technology sector.

Amazon Smartphones’ (Rumored) Features

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal last May, Amazon hopes to differentiate its high-end smartphone with a 3-D screen. Techcrunch.com, however, clarified that the screen isn’t really 3-D, but the device will have four cameras that track a user’s eye movements, giving the illusion of 3-D.

Amazon’s smartphones will likewise have the ability to recognize only the user’s face and ignore neighboring faces. This is to prevent the device from projecting 3-D images more appropriate to your neighbors than to you. Also, if you want to purchase a real-world object—like the best iPhone 3GS cases—via Amazon’s system, all you have to do is take a picture of it with the phone’s image recognition feature. Whether this feature has any real practical value remains to be seen.

It’s difficult to say what OS the high-end smartphone will use, but it’s likely to be a fancier version of Google’s Android if it is to support the hi-tech features mentioned above. The cheaper smartphone, on the other hand, may use an OS similar to Kindle Fires.


Amazon is just as secretive about its latest projects as Apple, if not more so. According to Techcrunch.com, only the screens are reportedly visible when the devices are shuttled internally. The employees are likewise not allowed to take the devices out of the building, even if they’re work-from-home engineers. Financial issues, employee retention issues, and software and hardware problems were likewise rumored to hold the projects back.

Should these projects take too long to complete, Amazon might as well engage in the manufacture of iPhone 3GS cases. Speaking of which…

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