Spotlight: UAG iPad Mini Case

When Apple released the original iPad in 2010, it revolutionized the way we think about the personal computer. In 2012, with the release of the iPad Mini, Apple allowed its customers to have this groundbreaking device in a compact form while still maintaining a high level of performance. Due to its small size that can easily fit in a backpack, this is a great product for those who like to



Tips for iPad Mini Users

Apple’s iPad Mini has the advantage over its bigger counterpart of being simple and relatively easy to use. While it’s great to just pick up and go, you can “pop the hood” and optimize a surprising array of features to get the most out of your tablet. Here are some of the more popular tips and tricks you can apply to make your iPad experience better and help make your



iPad Mini vs iTouch

It seems a lot of people like to joke that the iPad Mini is just a big iPod Touch (which in turn is basically an iPhone without the phone). But there are some important differences between them that are worth checking out before you decide to go with either option. Besides, if there wasn’t a significant difference, why would Apple go through the expense of marketing two separate products? What



Armor Case for iPad

The reason for having an iPad is that you can take it pretty much anywhere. It’s a great tool for when you need a computer away from home, but a laptop proves too bulky. Of course, that means your iPad is going to be exposed to the same conditions you are, and if you have an active or adventurous lifestyle, it’s going to be taking a beating. Urban Armor Gear’s



RunAroundTech – iPad Mini

“It was a few months back when I spotted some Twitter chatter about some really cool looking cases.  The company?  Urban Armor Gear.  I’d not seen them before but they sure looked unique.  I recently reached out to UAG to see if I could get some review items to check out and they gladly offered to send along some of their cases.  Up first, the Urban Armor Gear iPad Mini