Best Samsung Galaxy Note II Case: Urban Armor Gear

With the release of the Galaxy Note II, Samsung reinvigorated the world of mobile devices by combining the cell phone and tablet experience into one. With its easy-to-use stylus pen and a myriad of other features, this device is one of the best around. When you invest in a phone of this caliber, it’s important to make sure that it is well protected, no matter how active and mobile your



Tesla on Fire…Literally | Galaxy Note 2 Cases

There’s nothing truly remarkable about car accidents. If drivers took care of their vehicles the way Galaxy Note 2 cases protect devices, then the national average for road crash fatalities should be much less than 37,000 per year, as per the Association for Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT) statistics. Yet, the October 3 accident involving a Model S electric sedan was remarkable, and not only because Tesla Motors’ name is



Note II Survives 100 Foot Drop

On September 11th, 2013 my family and I were enjoying our time at the L.A. County Fair and took advantage of the all you can ride promotion for their roller coasters.  I went on a pendulum ride called “Speed” which I would estimate to be approximately 100 feet tall, that rotates like a clock and sports some very strong positive and negative g-forces on your body. After a few rotations,



Android Forums – Note II

“Since I don’t own iPhone or S3, my experience with previous UAG cases was based on reading only reviews from others, and it seems those cases were quite popular with a huge fan base. Note 2 case introduced a new design, and that generated a mixed reviews. I’m personally looking at the case as is without comparing it to previous models.” Android Forum Review


Ran Over By Dodge Ram

“Hello, I really hope that you guys have plans for making a case for the SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE II, I don’t think there is any case on the market that will protect a device like your case can!!! I bought this case form amazon for my SIII and ran my phone over while inside your case with my 8500 lb Dodge Ram 2500 and this case let my phone survive!!!!!