On the Go with Urban Armor Gear’s Samsung Galaxy SIII Case

When you’re living an active lifestyle that requires you to stay focused and on-the-go at all hours, you don’t have the time to worry about how safe your cell phone is from becoming damaged.  That’s why we here at Urban Armor Gear have created a Samsung Galaxy SIII case that is both durable and fashionable, so you can get to living life exactly how you want to without concern. Protect Your


Even the Media

Even the Media is Using Piracy to its Advantage

The one thing a studio or other entertainment executive fears most is being shown the door in one of the industry’s frequent shakeups. The second biggest fear is seeing the bottom line revenue numbers dwindling— because condition B often leads to condition A. This they fear more than losing their Galaxy S3 cases. And you know what a pain that can be. Pitfalls of Piracy Yes, Hollywood and its cousins,


Clumsy Customer

“Hey there. I just wanted to thank your company for the high quality products you manufacture. For some reason this week I’ve dropped my Samsung galaxy s3 3 times. Tonight it was twice and once it actually slid under a car in a parking lot. The 2 things that amazed me were one, my phone looks fine. And two the case looks perfect! There isn’t a mark on it. And


Rollercoaster in amusement park

Flew Out of a Roller Coaster

“I have had the GS3 case since September of 2012 and loved it! Sturdy, good looking and more than once saved my phone from imminent peril. I mean the phone flew out of my pocket while I was on a Roller Coaster (Cedar Point) and it was fine. Albeit the case was severely beaten up and the screen protector was trashed. The phone did end up in a grassy portion



20 Foot Drop

I have the UAG Samsung Galaxy III case. I wanted to thank you for a great design. Last weekend we were in Puerto Penasco, Mexico and I dropped my phone OFF THE UPSTAIRS BALCONY of a restaurant (at least 20 ft) onto the Concrete sidewalk…And it landed like a cat (on its ‘feet’ / case backing) and no damage to phone or case. YEA.  thanks again 🙂 ~ Adam Dishong

Stepped On

“I just want to say I love my UAG case for my Galaxy S3!!I just purchased my case and it already has been put to use. Just two days ago I was heading out my front door and my hands were full. I dropped my phone and then stepped on it. I just knew my screen was cracked. When I picked up my phone I was so shocked to see



Phone Drop on Tarmac

“I ordered the case about five days before my upgrade day and was pleased when it arrived in the mail on the day I was going to get my phone and took the case with me to the store so I could walk out of the store with my new S3 protected. Two whole days later at work, I was performing maintenance on top of a UH-60 Black Hawk and