Tech Meets Automobile

Like most Americans, you probably spend at least an hour a day doing this. You don’t want to think about it. You don’t enjoy it, but rather endure it. And you’re looking for a little ray of sunshine that will make it just a little more tolerable. No, we’re not referring to your cell phone habit or your numerous cell phone accessories.

We’re talking, of course, about the American commute to work.  It’s a journey that’s constantly challenging, what with the national trend toward increasing traffic, more people, and denser cities. But you owe, you owe, so off to work you go, determined to beat back to the challenges of the day in any small way that you can.

On the Grind

The U.S. Census Bureau has determined that the average commuter in this country travels about 25 minutes to work each way.  That’s not door-to-door, but reflects road time, so figure that rounds up to about an hour a day spent in motion. That’s plenty of time to spend on your cell phone and playing with your cell phone accessories, as long as you have the right accessories that will keep your hands free and eyes on the important things in life, like the traffic in front of you.

The Plight of the Commuter

The average commuter, though, has nothing on the outliers.  There are also a certain segment of “extreme” commuters, the Census Bureau has discovered. These 1.7 million Americans go 90 minutes or more each way to work, and some traverse long-distance of 50 miles or more. They usually live in the suburban rings surrounding the major cities, heading into the urban maw each day to perform their tasks of quiet desperation, then heading back to their rural oasis in the early evening.

The champion commuters, though, are those whose commutes are described as “mega” – also “hellish,” in the colloquial – those unfortunately who combine travel of 90 minutes and 50 miles each way. About 600,000 people make this journey each workday, the Census Bureau says.  That’s a lot of people who learn to love cold pizza and hearing about what happened with their family from third-party mentions.

This mega lifestyle typically requires a long, long, long time spent in an automobile. As such, there’s plenty of time to talk, text or otherwise communicate.  That’s when the right cell phone accessory that keeps your hands free and your eyes on the road is more than just a device – it’s the tool that keeps you sane and prevents you from bodily injury.

A Lack of Inspiration

But most handsets and other devices look like they were designed by the same people that used to make cars in the Soviet Union.  Blocky, bland colors, functional yet uninspiring. They are tools that serve as a grim reminder of the dull, grey life of the commuter.

Urban Armor broke the mold on that concept. The company offers the ultimate cell phone accessory that will protect your product while not neglecting the aesthetic appeal. It’s the unconventional accessory with a conventional purpose– to preserve, protect and defend your phone from the enemies of neglect and disaster, while providing a vibrant and uplifting splash of color to your commuter lifeline.

So don’t let a long commute cramp your style. Remember the call of the open road is what built this country. Enjoy the ride, and learn to ride in style with cell phone accessories by Urban Armor Gear, of course.

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