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Technology is a double-edged sword. Just as it allows people to communicate with one another easily and creatively, technology also allows unscrupulous individuals to exploit loopholes in its system for their own ends. If you’re not careful, you can become as vulnerable as iPhone 4s that don’t have iPhone cases 4.

Fortunately, if there’s one thing that never becomes dated regardless of technology’s advancements, it’s good sense. Here are a few headache-inducers you may encounter while using your iPhone 4’s Internet service, and how you can protect yourself against them the way iPhone cases 4 protect your device.

Urgent yet Fishy E-mails

Do you often get e-mails, text messages, or instant messages along the lines of “Your phone has been infected! Please visit this link to fix the problem.”?

Whatever you do, don’t click the link, or if you can’t help yourself, just delete the message outright. The links in these e-mails usually lead to sites infested with malware designed to hi-jack your phone. Be cautious of any message that tries to goad you into taking action now.

E-mails that ask for your personal information

As a rule, banks and other financial institutions never ask for your personal information through e-mail. If they do ask, they’ll redirect you to a site with a domain name that starts with “https” instead of “http”. When in doubt about an e-mail, always ask your bank or the company in question about its veracity. It’s better to exert a little effort today and be safe than to exert more effort tomorrow fixing an otherwise avoidable problem!

Mobile Malware

Let’s face it: We have mobile apps for everything under the sun. Some of these can make everyday life convenient, others are mere annoyances, and still others are designed to turn your phone into a kind of electronic zombie.

To avoid the last one, always do your research on apps before you download them. Stay away from the ones with low ratings from users.


Moral issues aside, don’t click on anything that appeals to your carnal desires. Many of these links/ads/banners can lead you to sites filled with ransomware—a type of malware that will bombard you with demands for money. That kind of stress is definitely not worth the pleasure you get from looking at titillating images.

These are the most common problems you may encounter while using your iPhone. Be aware that this is not an exhaustive list, as criminals become more and more creative about extorting money and other valuable assets from unsuspecting individuals. However, if you always trust your common sense and gut feel, you’ll never become a victim of these types of scams.

Also, invest in the protection of your mobile device, both inside and out. For example, you can protect your iPhone 4’s exterior with our collection of durable and user-friendly iPhone cases 4. With the array of colors to choose from, you’re sure to find iPhone cases 4 that fit your personality.

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