The 2013 America’s Cup Regatta’s Tech Makeover

At first, it seemed that Oracle Team USA was set to kiss its second consecutive “Auld Mug” goodbye.

The team kicked off the regatta with a penalty due to their illegal modification of a practice boat last year, although they already won three races. They also had the herculean task of overcoming an 8-1 deficit against the formidable Emirates Team New Zealand—not unlike an iPad mini case that has to withstand everyday wear and tear.

Fortunately, they lived up to the challenge and bagged sailing’s biggest trophy—the America’s Cup.

The America’s Cup

The trophy traces its origins to England in 1851, when the Royal Yacht Squadron decided to award it to the winner of a race around the Isle of Wight. After a schooner called America took the trophy, it was renamed the “America’s Cup” and donated to the New York Yacht Club. The Cup is considered the oldest trophy in international sports.

Stewardship of the trophy is based on the terms and conditions laid out in the Deed of Gift. If a yacht club meets the Deed of Gift’s requirements, the club has the right to challenge whoever holds the Cup to a race.

Since its inception, the America’s Cup has attracted the attention of top sailors, designers and entrepreneurs all over the world, including Oracle CEO Larry Ellison.

Of Yachts and Modern Technology

Because a challenge now costs around $100 million, only three teams showed up this year to take on Oracle: New Zealand, Italy and Sweden. Of the three, only New Zealand was able to pose a considerable threat.

The two major contenders both had 72-foot-long catamarans powered by aerospace technology. Those from the Oracle team kept only part of the hull in the water for less resistance, but the Kiwis were able to make theirs literally fly over the water. Both teams got their catamarans running at speeds approximating 50 mph.

Granted, Team Oracle did rely heavily on its analysis of an incredible 3,000 variables every 10 seconds to make adjustments to their sailing. In the end, however, it was their sailors’ skill, determination and will to win that made all the difference…somewhat like the iPad mini case by Urban Armor Gear.

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