The Difference Between High Quality and Cheap iPhone 4s Cases

The iPhone 4s is a sleek smartphone with loads of great features. Even if you purchased your iPhone 4s at a discount through your cell plan provider, you still need to protect the device as if it cost an arm and a leg. Before long, a person’s cell phone contains tons of important information they can’t afford to lose. One the best ways to protect the device is putting it in a protective case that prevents scuffs and scratches, and helps cushion the phone if it falls.

Choosing an iPhone 4s Phone Case

Over the past two years, thousands of different protective cases have been made for iPhone 4s, some of which offer better value than others. Most iPhone phone cases aren’t terribly expensive, but you should watch out for cheap features that indicate a phone case isn’t built to last, or won’t protect your phone the way you need it to. As you shop for a case for your iPhone 4s, be on the lookout for cheap iPhone 4s cases that have the following lackluster features.

Fibrous Exterior

Whoever developed cell phone cases that have cotton or other fibrous materials on the exterior wasn’t thinking far ahead. When new, these cases can look quite distinctive, but they soon look terrible from the wear and tear of pulling them from your purse or pocket. The fibrous exterior develops pills and gradually rips away from the protector’s rubber base. Worse yet, these types of cases seldom offer much shock protection for when a phone is dropped.

Poor Grip

It isn’t hard to make an iPhone case that has good grip. If the case has a slick exterior, it needs to have finger grips. If the exterior is smooth, it needs a tactile, rubberized finish that makes it equally easy to hold. Cheap iPhone 4s cases often have neither of these features. The cases may be designed to withstand shock when dropped, but the goal is not to drop your phone in the first place. Don’t waste your money on iPhone cases that offer a poor grip.

Black mobile phone isolatedBad Fit

Some cheap iPhone 4s cases don’t fit snugly around the phone. In addition to decreasing shock absorption, this problem allows dirt and debris to get between the case and the phone, and work its way into the crevices of the latter. High-quality iPhone 4s cases like the Aero case from Urban Armor Gear fit snugly around the phone and provide the expected level of protection. There’s no one size fits all case for iPhones; a case must be designed for your specific phone.

Get Your iPhone Case Today

If you need a high-quality cell phone case for the iPhone 4s, visit Urban Armor Gear’s online store and check out our great selection of protectors. Our cases are designed for the bumps, drops, and scrapes cell phones endure daily, and feature a distinctive molded design you can only get from us. If your iPhone 4s is filled with important information you can’t afford to lose, don’t protect it with cheap iPhone 4s cases. Get a great looking, durable case from us instead.

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