The Hydrogen Fuel Cell Charger

While many are anticipating a release of the iPhone 6, which is speculated to come out in 2014, many don’t know about an important accessory also set to debut next year: the hydrogen fuel cell charger.

While cell phones can go virtually anywhere, cell phone chargers are more limited. Most require an electrical source to power up, and the battery operated ones aren’t as powerful as Intelligent Design’s hydrogen fuel cell charger, which will debut in African markets as early as December before enjoying its worldwide release.

Portable Power

The $200 piece of equipment dubbed Upp consists of a detachable cartridge that packs about 25 amps of power, enough to charge a smart phone 5 times over, according to an article by CNET.

The article goes on to state that the reusable cartridge will be made available on a subscription basis, possibly for between $5 and $10 a month.

It may be a coveted piece of equipment for the iPhone user that has to have the latest in accessories, but even those still shopping for iPhone 3 cases for their yesteryear phone model can benefit from the charging power of the Upp.

It essentially works like other chargers, supplying energy via the USB port. It differs in how it obtains power, in this case by deriving electrical current from the conversion of oxygen and hydrogen into heat, with water as the harmless byproduct. Upp may find supporters in the green technology movement.

It’s another great accessory Android and iPhone users can add to their arsenal.

Of course, cell phone chargers may be the most vital accessory, next to cases. And while many like to have the next best thing when it comes to Apple, all models of iPhones can benefit from charging off the Upp. Consumers looking to invest in iPhone 3 cases may want also invest in a source of power that can go anywhere their phone goes.

Up with Upp

With cartridge, the Upp weighs about one pound and a third and is three inches shy of a foot, making it a versatile option. Users can take it on vacation, on outdoor adventures or even into the urban jungle’s local coffee shop if they so choose, without worrying about finding a power source or sitting at a table with an electrical outlet. Next to iPhone 3 cases, it’s the best thing to happen to iPhone 3 users.

With more than half of all cell phone sales now consisting of smart phones, the prognosis seems good for Upp. Smart phones utilize operating systems that require a considerable amount of energy, much more than the average not-smart phone. The heavy power usage is a huge drain on the battery-operated phone chargers, making the Upp a desirable choice for smart phone users.

Keeping with the times, Upp will also offer customers an app to help them locate retailers who supply the fuel cell and cartridges, although they have not yet announced which retailers may possibly carry the new device.

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