The iPhone 4s: Still Worth It?

About once a year, Apple ceremoniously rolls out a new iPhone that has different looks and features than the previous model. Like Corvette fanatics who purchase a new Corvette every time one hits the dealer’s lot whether their current car has lost its novelty or not, many iPhone lovers purchase a new iPhone within days of its release. In many cases, they could save money by sticking with their current iPhone that offers all the features they need, and then some.

Luxury Versus Necessity

As indispensable as smartphones have become to our way of life, most consumers don’t purchase the latest iPhone because they need it; instead, they buy it because they want it. If one of your New Years’ resolutions is to spend more wisely, and you have an iPhone 4s, consider sticking with the 4s instead of jumping on the iPhone 5s bandwagon so early. To prove the point, let’s look at the pros and cons of continuing to use the 4s versus upgrading to the 5s.


The iPhone 4s still fully supports iOS7 software, the same type of software you find in the iPhone 5s. Consequently, the functionality of the phone isn’t tremendously different than newer models. The iPhone 4s also has the same Retina display and Pixel density as the iPhone 5s, which gives you the same sharp text and photos you get from the newest line of iPhones.

The area where the 4s really blows the 5s away, of course, is cost. You can get the phone free when you sign a two-year service contract, and purchasing it off-contract will cost you less than $200. If your iPhone 4s breaks, getting a new one will be a soft blow to your wallet. In contrast, the 5s retails for between $199 and $849 in Apple’s online store.

Another cost advantage of sticking with the 4s is that you won’t need to buy a new cell phone case. Many sellers of iPhone cases 4s charge $20 or more for the protectors. It isn’t much money, but you can still count it as a cost saving victory for the New Year.


businessman and businesswoman with smartphonesAs expected, the iPhone 4s has fewer iOS7 software features than iPhone 5 models. It’s also thicker than iPhone 5 models. For the technically inclined who want a piece of hardware to be as stylish as it is efficient, these differences can be enough to warrant an iPhone 5s purchase.

Although the 4s costs less than the 5s, it’s important to note that the price difference isn’t extreme. If you purchase an entry-level 5s, you’re only paying about $200 more than you would to get a 4s for free with a service contract. If you’re a techie who worships Apple products, paying $200 more for a sleeker device with better performance may seem like a no-brainer.

Still using iPhone 4s?

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