The Mobile Phone Market is Now the Smartphone Market

If smartphones are the phones of the future, then the future is now.

Since their introduction in the ‘80s, cell phones have steadily evolved into the smart phone of today, and it’s now dominating the world of personal technological devices, according to a recent report by the Swedish technology company Ericsson.

Smart Phones Taking Over the World (Wide Web)

Smart phone sales now account for more than half of all cell sales, according to the report which also states that for the first time ever, smart phones are “projected to consume more mobile data this year than PCs, tablets and other devices.”

That would make them the number one choice in the world for tapping into the world wide web.

This increase in sales is also driving an increase in accessories, such as i Phone cases, which many consider vital to protect the important yet relatively fragile piece of machinery that people now rely on for pretty much everything.

With internet available at the touch of a button, along with camera capabilities, GPS, innumerable apps and a variety of other functions, smartphones are more than mere communication devices. They offer consumers everything a lap top computer does, all in one portable device that can be shoved in a pocket and taken almost anywhere.

More than ever, people are now enjoying music from their phones and even watching movies and TV shows. According to that same report by Ericsson, video currently accounts for more than a third of mobile-data use worldwide, and they are predicting that use will rise to about half of mobile data-use in the next five years.

Since they’ve been stealing the scene, Smart phones have also popularized a new form of communication— texting. Who knew that writing messages back and forth could replace actual phone calls, especially among youths?

Protect Your Smartphone with i Phone Cases

Of course, with phones being utilized so much, for everything from alarm clocks to compasses, entertainment, day planners, shopping lists, and much, much more, they are also subject to much wear and tear.

That’s why most people invest in cases to protect them from falls, spills and other damage. With the iPhone being the most popular smart phone, i Phone cases now come in a staggering array of options, from thin to bulky, in every shade and endless patterns and designs, and for men, women and children. They are available everywhere from the local mall kiosk to online stores.

Those looking to personalize their smart phones face an almost overwhelming number of choices.  But with so many dangers facing phones, the smartest consumers may be the ones who opt for the best i Phone cases possible.

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