The Winners of Red Bull’s Extreme Sports Photo Contest

The winners of Red Bull’s 3rd Illume Image Quest photography competition have just been announced. This competition is a tribute to the beauty and grace of extreme sports, with photographers capturing the most spectacular moments of participants. Below are the top ten pieces chosen by judges from a pool of 28,000 pictures submitted by 6,417 photographers from 124 countries.

1. Overall Winner: Snowboarder on Satellite Dish

Winners of Red Bull_1

This spectacular photograph by Lorenz Holder won first prize in the contest. The photo is of Xaver Hoffman snowboarding on a satellite dish. The photo is taken amidst heavy snowfall, with the photographer using strobes in the background to silhouette the snowboarder.

2. Wings Category Finalist: Base Jumping in Greece


Winners of Red Bull_2

This beautiful picture by Dimitrios Kontizas was taken at the 2011 ProBase Shipwreck Boogie, a base jumping competition at Zakynthos Island in Greece. Here jumpers dive from a 200-meter cliff.

3. Wings Category Finalist: Surfer Over a Wave

Winners of Red Bull_3

Here is an exciting shot of surfer Bobby Okvist sailing out over a wave. This photo by Benjamin Ginsberg won third place.

4. Experimental Category Winner: Snowboarding in Sweden

Winners of Red Bull_4

This striking image by Lorenz Holder captures snowboarder Jordan Mendenhall in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden.

5. Energy Category Winner: Cliff Diving in Portugal

Winners of Red Bull_5

This photo captures diver Todor Spasov at the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series on the Islet of Vila Franca do Campo in the Portuguese Azores. The unique angle was taken by photographer Romina Amato shooting from a boat.

6. Playground Category Finalist: Turnagain Arm Bore Tide Surfing

Winners of Red Bull_6

This amazing picture by Scott Dickerson captures surfers riding the Turnagain Arm bore tide, an incredible wave in Alaska that can provide up to 50 minute, 5 mile rides.

7. Energy Category Finalist: Ice Climbing in British Colombia

Winners of Red Bull_7

This photo by Christian Pondella is of an ice climber at Helmcken Falls in Wells Grey Provincial Park, British Colombia. This prime ice climbing spot is formed by waterfall mist that literally freezes onto the overhanging rock.

8. Spirit Category Winner: Surfing in a Blizzard

Winners of Red Bull_8

This memorable photo by Chris Burkard is of two surfers getting ready to surf in a blizzard.

9. Lifestyle Category Winner: Surfing Off the Coast of Fiji

Winners of Red Bull_9

Morgan Massen captured a fantastic underwater shot of young surfers at Cloudbreak, Fiji for this winning piece.

10. Sequence Category Winner: Sequence Shot of a Surfer in Oahu

Winners of Red Bull_10

Photographer Zakary Noyle captured this eye-popping sequence shot of a surfer off the coast of Oahu.

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