Tips for iPad Mini Users

Apple’s iPad Mini has the advantage over its bigger counterpart of being simple and relatively easy to use. While it’s great to just pick up and go, you can “pop the hood” and optimize a surprising array of features to get the most out of your tablet. Here are some of the more popular tips and tricks you can apply to make your iPad experience better and help make your gadget last.

Urban Armor Gear’s Tips for iPad Mini Users

1.  Reboot to fix common errors

There is a difference between when the iPhone Mini goes to sleep and when it reboots, and sometimes, it’s hard to tell the difference. When a computer is running, little bits of code can get lost and cause it to become sluggish and programs to crash repeatedly. If your are experiencing these problems, try rebooting by pressing the sleep/wake button and home button at the same time for around 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears. Wait thirty seconds and then restart.

2.  Add a keyboard

While the iPad Mini’s compact size makes it great for carrying on the go, if you need to sit down for an extended typing session, then the size can be an issue. One of the best tips for iPad Mini users is to inveset in a Bluetooth keyboard, which you can find at most accessory stores.

3.  Turn your iPad Mini into a Kindle

Want to take your favorite books with you, but don’t want to have to invest in two different devices? No problem! You can install Amazon’s Kindle iPad app from the Apple store and get full access to your collection of ebooks, as well as order new ones.

4.  Turn off the keyboard sounds

For some people, the constant “click-click” that is added when typing on the iPad Mini’s keyboard can get a bit irritating – not to mention, those sounds waste a degree of processor room and battery life. Go to Settings, select Sound, and near the bottom of the list, edit the Keyboard Clicks option.

5.  Turn off the “sent from my iPad” message

By default, your iPad Mini automatically adds a bit of text to all your messages and emails letting the world know you are using an iPad. Now there are certainly reasons to use this feature, but getting rid of it is very easy. Just click on Settings; the option to disable the feature should show up on your screen.

6.  Invest in a case for your iPad Mini

While Apple certainly put a lot of effort into ensuring their devices are quite durable, one of the best tips for iPad Mini users to extend their iPad Mini’s life is by buying a case for it. Cases help protect your device from bumps, scratches, and even spills, as well as add a personalized and stylish note. They are especially important for people with more mobile or adventurous lifestyles, who will most likely subject their devices to extra wear and tear.

In addition to this comprehensive list of tips for iPad Mini users, UAG has developed a line of specially designed cases that offer extra protection for your gear, while preserving your sense of adventure and enhancing the utility of your device. Check out some of the options available right here on our site.

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