Top 10 Tough Cases for iPhone 4S

It only takes one good wallop to seriously damage your phone. A cracked screen – if bad enough – can disable your touch screen or at least make it difficult to use. After that there’s not much you can do with your phone. If you regularly engage in potentially high impact activities like extreme sports, or work in rugged fields like construction, or you just want to keep your phone in pristine shape, this list of tough cases for iPhone 4S should help.

1. Case-Mate Tank

The Case-Mate Tank is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. The case is described as “military grade” and features a retractable window contributed by SharkEye, which protects the phone’s screen when you aren’t using it.




cygnett workmate pro - cases for iphone 4s.jpg


2. Cygnett WorkMate Pro

Cygnett’s WorkMate Pro features a heavy duty rubber case with an eye-catching orange and black or black and gray pattern. The case comes with an applicable screen protector. These cases for iPhone 4S will surely protect your phone on the job.





ivyskin wrangler - cases for iphone 4s.jpg

3. IvySkin Wrangler

The IvySkin Wrangler is a sleek yet tough case which comes in several colors. The case also comes with a glass cover for your screen.






lifeproof - cases for iphone 4s.jpg

4. LifeProof Case

LifeProof Cases are known for striking a balance between sleekness and toughness. The company claims its case is waterproof, shockproof, dirtproof, and snowproof. With the included plastic shield, your iPhone is in good hands.






rokform - cases for iphone 4s.jpg

5. Rokform Rokbed Fuzion

The Rokform Rokbed Fuzion doesn’t offer full protection, but it does feature a sturdy aluminum and polycarbonate frame. These cases for iPhone 4S look great too: the sleek aluminum provides a rugged appearance.





seidio - cases for iphone 4s.jpg

6. Seidio iPhone 4 Convert Combo

Seidio’s iPhone 4 Convert Combo allows you to choose between light protection and heavy protection. The case comes in three pieces: the case, the holster, and the screen protector. You can strip the case down if you want easy access, or build it up for maximum coverage.





speck - cases for iphone 4s.jpg

7. Speck MightyVault

Speck’s MightyVault features another 3 layer case design for maximum protection. The case comes in multiple colors and features a belt clip that doubles as a stand.






trident kraken - cases for iphone 4s.jpg

8. Trident Case Kraken AMS Case

Trident’s Kraken AMS Case offers 3 layers of protection, as well as a screen protector that is integrated in the case. You can strip down the case to a lighter, less bulky version, or keep the bulkier but more protective shell. These cases for iPhone 4S will keep your phone in tip top shape.




tuff-luv - cases for iphone 4s.jpg

9. Tuff-Luv Tough Grip Leather

Tuff-Luv’s Tuff-Grip leather cases offer a little less protection than the rest of the cases mentioned, since the case is a leather case. Still, the case looks great and the coverage is enough that it will protect your phone from most daily wear and minor impacts.





uag - cases for iphone 4s.png

10. Urban Armor Gear 4S Series

Out of all the tough cases for iPhone 4S on the market, Urban Armor Gear still reigns supreme. Urban Armor Gear’s iPhone 4S series of protective covers feature an innovative design that looks fantastic and keeps your phone protected. The UAG design features a hard outer core with a soft rubber inner core that for the best possible protection. Multiple colors are available, and the covers come with screen protectors so your phone is safe.




Hopefully this list of tough cases for iPhone 4S helps you find the right protection for your phone. Don’t let your phone stay exposed! Shop for an iPhone 4S case today.

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