Urban Armor Gear Cases for iPhone 5

Looking to protect the iPhone 5 you just got? Or is your old case not cutting it and you are looking for an upgrade? Never mind trying to decide on a designer case. Those silicone and hard cases might look nice, but more often than not you pay good money for a case that either falls apart or doesn’t properly protect your phone when the moment of truth comes, and your phone takes an impact. Urban Armor Gear cases for iPhone 5 are designed to withstand the daily usage and impacts your phone will inevitably take. Our cases for iPhone 5 can protect your phone in the most extreme environments, and they look great!

Innovative Designs

Our cases for iPhone 5 are specifically designed for maximum integrity, with a hard outer shell to protect your phone from impacts and a soft rubber core that ensures a tight fit and keeps your phone in place. We’ve gone beyond protection and added several useful features for your phone. Audio and power ports are easily accessible, and we added large tactile buttons for volume control. Shock absorbing bumpers on the corner are integrated into the design and provide coverage where the phone is most vulnerable. The corners feature scratch-resistant pads that keep your phone safe from scratches and abrasions as it lays flat. Finally, our engineered bezel covers your flash and deflects flash interference so your pictures will always look great. All of our cases come with crystal clear screen covers so your phone is fully protected.

Stylish Covers

Our cases for iPhone 5 aren’t just highly functional and durable; they look great too. Our covers feature a stylish contemporary design that manages to look both rugged and elegant. You’re sure to impress both your practical-minded and aesthetically-concerned friends. Whether you’re out on the town, on the job, carving down a mountainside, or trekking through a desert, your phone will look the part, and you can rest assured that it is always well-protected.

Great Designs to Choose From

We offer several different case designs for iphone 5, so you’ll have plenty of looks to choose from. You’re sure to find the model the fits you. We carry sleek navy blue, grey, and pink models, as well as black and white cases for those looking for something simple. We also have a great clear case that you can see the back of your phone through. Whatever your personal preferences are, we’ve got a great look for your phone.

You’ve invested a lot in your iPhone 5; all it takes is a simple slip up and you drop your phone, which can mean a cracked screen or worse. Just every-day use can result in annoying scratches and scrapes all over your phone. It happens to all of us. Invest in one of Urban Armor Gear’s cases for iPhone 5 and protect your phone from the numerous elements of daily use. Even if you are taking your phone with you on your adventures in the harshest environments, our cases will keep your phone safe. Order your phone cover today.

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