What to Look For in an iPhone5 Case

If you’re shopping for a new iPhone5 case, you’ll quickly find that there is an endless variety of cases available on the market to choose from. There are silicone cases of all sorts of colors, hard cases, charging cases, stylish designer cases, and more. How do you choose the case that is right for your iPhone 5? Do you go with a case that makes your phone look great, or a case that is sure to protect your phone should it fall?  Read on for a summary of the features we think a good iPhone5 case should have.


One of the most important features of an iPhone5 case is its ability to protect your phone, not just from drops and impacts, but daily wear and tear. You’d be surprised how fast your phone can accumulate scratches and scrapes just from daily use. A good phone cover can prevent this from happening with side bumpers and skid pads. Look for a cover that has skid pads both on the front and back of the phone, which helps prevent the phone from being scratched whether it is face up or down. Couple your phone case with screen protectors for added protection. Otherwise, your screen will definitely get scratched up and foggy.

When it comes to impacts, hard cases are your best bet. Silicone cases are cool looking, but they won’t protect your phone from those harder hits, which can crack your screen or do worse damage. However, if you pick up a hard case, make sure it has some sort of rubber insert to hold your phone in place and absorb force. What often happens with lesser hard cases is that the phone pops right out of it when it falls, clattering across the floor and scratching or breaking anyways.


You don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality when it comes to an iPhone 5 case. With effective design, even the most rugged iPhone5 cases can look great. When you buy a case, make sure it is a style and color that you are happy with, because it is going to be on your phone all of the time, which comes highly recommended if you want to protect your investment.

Urban Armor Gear Cases

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