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“Those who know me from the One X forums here know that I have a bit of a problem when it comes to purchasing cases- I can’t stop. I held a bunch of giveaways for the cases I didn’t use, and I still have about 20 of them sitting in a box. My problem was that I just couldn’t find the perfect case. I loved a lot of them, but I wouldn’t call any of them “perfect”. The same thing happened to me when I switched to the iPhone 5. My problem was compounded by the fact that there are just so many iPhone cases to choose from and I just had to have them all. I had purchased roughly 30 different cases before I came across the Urban Armor Gear case and it was quite literally the last case I ever bought. Well, maybe not literally because after purchasing my black UAG case I had to have one in white and moss as well. Not only that, I bought one for each of the guys that I work with and it became the official unofficial case of our company. I generally prefer my phones naked, but in the case of the iPhone, it felt incomplete without the UAG case on it. Once I put my UAG case on the iPhone, I NEVER took it off. Fast forward to present time and much to my excitement, Urban Armor Gear has a case for the HTC One and I must say- it’s every bit as good as the iPhone version and then some. ”

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